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The Alitaptap Collective

Alitaptap (Firefly) works to build solidarity between writers, scholars, artists, and civil society in the Philippines and abroad.

We believe in the importance of producing work to be published for public non-academic readership and which also builds with grassroots organizing efforts. Together our work pursues the following interventions: 1.) Encouraging fellow graduate scholars to pursue investigative journalism as a mode of mobilizing knowledge and analyses to elevate public discourse in the Philippines; 2.) Mobilizing resources to support grassroots-based initiatives and front line responses to a variety of disasters in the Philippines; and 3.) Building with movements and networks worldwide to make the case for transnational solidarities. Our headquarters is generously supported by and housed at the York Centre for Asian Research. More info here:
End All Thinly Disguised Wars On The World's Most

End All Thinly Disguised Wars On The World's Most Marginalized

They launch crusades of violence against the easiest of targets: the racialized Other, the immigrant, the slum dweller, the refugee. They promise a return to a Utopian past at the expense of their chosen scapegoats - each one of a certain colour, geographic origin or religion - only to guarantee an impoverished future for us all.
02/23/2017 02:27 EST