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5 Benefits of Arts and Culture

If you can count on one hand the number of times you've gone to a museum in your city, a theatre performance and a concert, you're missing out on the enriching world of culture that is there to be enjoyed. Why should you turn off the TV for once and get out there to take in some culture?
04/23/2012 08:11 EDT
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Be a Tourist in Your Own City With These Apps

Whether you're trying to find new adventures on the West Coast, East Coast, or somewhere in between, there's an app for that. From parks and ski resorts to restaurants and theatres, your phone can become your one and only guide to being a tourist in your own city.
04/16/2012 03:17 EDT
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There Are Apps, and Then There are Apps (You Want The Good Kind)

Sometimes, it's hard to remember a world before smartphones. Whatever did we do when we didn't have GPS in our pocket or could check our email on the run? (Answer: we missed out on answering several important, time-sensitive messages and also got lost a whole lot.) In addition to maps and email, when it comes to leading a busy, on-the-go life, certain apps are downright essential. Here are our picks for apps that make our lives more convenient, safer and loads more fun.
04/03/2012 04:28 EDT

How to Achieve Modern-Day Work-Life Balance

These days, employees are expected to be more productive than ever before. So much more is being demanded of our time and energy than any other generation of workers. So how can we ensure that we're achieving an adequate work-life balance?
03/27/2012 10:55 EDT

Secrets To Success? They're No Secret At All

Is there a tried-and-true formula for success? If there actually were such a thing, just about everybody would be an Oprah Winfrey or a Donald Trump. Different people achieve varying degrees of success in various ways, but when you remove luck and timing from the equation, here are some of the secrets that successful people have in common. Apply them to your own life and the sky's the limit.
03/20/2012 04:38 EDT

Making the Most of Your City

Even though you live in the midst of a bustling city, it can be ridiculously easy to fall into a bit of a social rut. This is especially true when the weather outside is frightful (or, you know, anything less than 15 C). Consider this a desperate call to action. Look (and we say this with love), get off your butt and make the most of it!
03/12/2012 08:47 EDT

What To Do When All Your Friends Have Kids

My partner and I have had the "children" talk several times, but we've always come to the same conclusion; although we're both older than our parents were when they brought us into this world and we're both fairly certain that we'd like to have kids at some point down the road, we are definitely not ready for the huge responsibility that comes with the pitter-patter of little feet.
02/29/2012 10:50 EST