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The Maddie Project

A community effort in support of youth struggling with depression and other mental health related concerns.

The Maddie Project ( is a community effort in support of youth struggling with depression and other mental health related concerns.

Driven by community collaboration and events, the project’s goals are to raise awareness by sparking conversations about youth depression and mental health concerns as well as to help provide uninhibited access to support for youth and their families.

The Maddie Project was founded in memory of Madeline Grace German Coulter.

To learn how you can get involved or contribute visit or follow us on twitter @maddie_project or facebook
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What It's Like To Be A Teenager Today

Too short, too tall, flat, too skinny, too fat, too veiny, too short hair, way too long hair, too many piercings, boobs that are too big, too many pimples, too many freckles, too hairy, bad teeth, too much makeup, caked, ugly clothes, out of shape, bad at sports, fag. Here is just a taste of some of the things teens say to put their peers down.
05/24/2017 05:09 EDT
Nicole German

We Lost Our Daughter To Depression But Her Light Glitters On

Maddie is my glitter. I find her every day in little nooks and crannies when I least expect it. And most often uncontrollable tears rise in my eyes and my heart cracks even further, but the smile for the memory eases the pain. May her sparkle never dull and may we continue to find her glitter in the least expected places.
04/11/2017 11:31 EDT
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For All Those Who Feel Hopeless, It Gets Better

If there is someone reading this who is in that dark place of having a plan -- a plan of how they want to exit this life and when they want to exit it. Please wait and listen to me when I tell you that these thoughts are not with you forever. I know they are excruciatingly painful, but they do pass. I promise you they pass. I promise you are worthy, and that you are not alone. You are loved. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are brave.
11/04/2016 04:28 EDT
Steve Debenport via Getty Images

Let's Give Our Youth Permission To Fail

There is so much pressure on these kids to not only thrive and compete but to be perfect. And our sense of balance is gone. Competition and excelling is good but what about having fun? Commitments are skewed. Genuine, quality family time is compromised because parents are stressed, pressured and rushing to get their kids to and from programs and to do too many things at the same time.
11/03/2016 11:51 EDT
Nicole German

A Mother's Love Isn't Always Enough To Prevent Suicide

Suicide is hard. It is hard to even say the word let alone imagine that someone close to you might think that is the only path forward is to take their own life. It's hard to relate, surreal on many levels. But take a minute to imagine. Imagine losing one of the people you love the most by suicide. Does your stomach drop, your heart race, tears come to your eyes or even fear race through your bones?
11/01/2016 12:02 EDT
Chris Coulter

Is Social Media Popularizing Suicide?

Our daughter Maddie tragically took her own life at the tender age of fourteen and forever changed the lives of our family and friends.... Maddie's Mom, our boys and friends have made it a personal mission to tell our story, bring greater awareness to youth mental illness and help create better access for those families currently affected by this troubling disease. With all this attention being paid to this illness, largely promoted through the likes of social media, are we fuelling the fire and putting the idea of suicide in our youths' heads?
10/03/2016 12:39 EDT
Anna Pekunova via Getty Images

Asking For Help Is The Most Important Step

Asking for help is hard! Accepting the help is even harder. On the path to getting better, the first thing anyone needs to do is acknowledge the state of their mental health. Teenagers use different ways to ask for help when in crisis. I encourage all teenagers to verbalize the need for help when under distress. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with tremendous stress before we ask for help.
09/20/2016 08:02 EDT
Chris Coulter

Wake Up Parents, You Could Lose Your Teen To Suicide

Every parent's worst and unimaginable nightmare is losing their child...On the surface many think how could this intelligent, beautiful, popular teenager take her own life. The reality is life can change in a moment and that decision making can never be reversed. What drives me crazy are the parents that look at Madeline's situation as an anomaly and think that this could never happen to my child... It's an irreversible decision that can shatter your family and alter your life forever.
09/12/2016 05:20 EDT
Xesai via Getty Images

Losing My Daughter Taught Me The Importance Of Empathy In Mental Health

One of the most common questions that I get asked by youth, parents, teachers and people all over my community is "I have a friend or a family member is suffering or I think there is something wrong but I don't know what to do or how to help." And while we aren't doctors, clinical experts or parents there are things that we as individuals can do that can help. We can most definitely be empathetic to those that may be suffering or we may be worried about.
09/07/2016 08:05 EDT
Aldo Murillo via Getty Images

I Believe My Daughter Killed Herself To End Our Misery

Maddie's last act was one of selflessness and not of selfishness. That is my belief substantiated by the tears that have flowed endlessly since that fateful night. We are not even close to understanding how these angels feel or the pain that they must be enduring. We must start to hold these delicate youths with greater compassion and not with misunderstanding and trepidation.
09/07/2016 07:57 EDT
Robert Agouri

Dear Maddie...

There are times I miss you so much, it makes me want to scream. There are times I get so angry, it makes me want to punch a wall. There are times I remember how we laughed like idiots and it makes me smile. There are times I get so sad; I just want to hug you again.
09/07/2016 07:39 EDT