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The Monkey Bunch

Children's Band

THE MONKEY BUNCH are here to change the way you think about children's music. Using a variety of musical stylings, the Monkey Bunch engage kids with their skilled musicality and original humour, while imparting fun but important educational messages about the environment. Their high energy concerts will have your kids dancing, rushing the stage and going BANANAS! The Monkey Bunch is for people who love music and want kids to do the same. Their sophomore album, <em>Power to the Little People</em> is both Juno-nominated and a Parents' Choice Award Winner and features performances by: Danny Michel, Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace), Teresa Pavlinek (Rick Mercer) and Jian Ghomeshi! Like your favourite mixed tape, the Monkey Bunch take music for kids to a whole new level and pack it with explosive rock and pollution fighting power! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Want Fun and Political Music for Kids? We've Got Your

Want Fun and Political Music for Kids? We've Got Your Back

My name is Shoshana Sperling and I'm a children's entertainer. I like what I'm doing. Now I just need to convince the grown-ups that kids deserve to have great music and authentic humour that teaches them something. That children are not too small to have opinions about recycling, libraries and electric cars.
02/07/2013 08:18 EST