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The Nudge Report: a sporadic, eclectic collection of essays on federal politics in Canada from the vantage point of an ordinary citizen living miles away from the "Ottawa bubble." Ce blogue a pour but de publier sporadiquement des essais sur la politique féderale canadienne. Je blogue aussi en français, quand bon me semble.
Will the 'Culturally Compatible' Immigrant Please Stand PC

Will the 'Culturally Compatible' Immigrant Please Stand Up?

PM Harper, Kenney and his crew have been careful not speak publicly on immigration matters. But Kenney slipped up while unrolling the red carpet for the Irish, not long after he cancelled 300,000 patiently-waiting skilled workers' applications. "The employers in Canada are increasingly identifying Ireland as a great source of talent, hard-working, highly-educated folks who are culturally compatible," Kenney said.
05/07/2014 12:45 EDT