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This Is Why I'm Happy With My Life Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

This Is Why I'm Happy With My Life Choices

When I hit 30, I noticed my social media fill with announcements of engagements, weddings, new homes, new pregnancies, thriving careers and growing families. I began to contemplate the state of my life over the past few years and even jumped on the bandwagon for a time. There is something wrong with me; I am not living how I should be, doing what I should be, and feeling like I should be.
10/02/2015 08:34 EDT
We Are All More Than Just Hero Images via Getty Images

We Are All More Than Just Moms

I can't spot a single one-dimensional woman for miles. They don't exist. This woman, who lives and breathes only for her kids, who is defined by the existence of her children, doesn't exist. The only women I see today are women who slip in and out of being a friend, a partner, a professional, a creative, the house CEO, all the while being the best mothers they can.
09/10/2015 05:21 EDT
I Dated an Older Man - And Didn't Like Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

I Dated an Older Man - And Didn't Like It

I've always had a thing for older men. Whatever it was, unruly chest hair and crow lines did crazy things to me. I eventually dated an older man. He was 12 years my senior with chest hair, a stable job and his very own Manhattan apartment. After nearly four months together, we broke up. But our age difference wasn't to blame.
04/13/2015 05:32 EDT
A Person's a Person, No Matter How FogStock via Getty Images

A Person's a Person, No Matter How Small

I met Brielle a few hours after she was born. A few weeks later, Brielle was diagnosed with Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism occurring in about one in 40,000 babies born. Achondroplasia is a form of short-limbed disproportionate dwarfism. Dwarfism is defined as height less than 4' 10".
03/12/2015 05:28 EDT
2014 Was a Tough Year To Be kieferpix via Getty Images

2014 Was a Tough Year To Be Female

What kind of year was 2014? It was a tough year to be female. Most of the time I consider myself lucky to be a woman living today rather than one born generations earlier. I marvel at how much easier I have it than my mother and all the women before her. And I am lucky; I have the ability to make choices -- about my education, life partner, reproductive rights and career -- that none of them ever had. Looking back at the year we had, though, wasn't it still way too tough -- too dangerous, even -- to be a woman or a girl in 2014?
01/03/2015 10:47 EST
I Am No Longer a People Pleaser at Tomwang112 via Getty Images

I Am No Longer a People Pleaser at Christmas

I am the Grinch. Yep, that one family member that stole Christmas and ruined it for one and all...or at least that is how some of my family would like to make me out to be. But it's been four years since I made the shocking announcement that I would not be leaving my home on Christmas Day and I refuse to feel guilty about it anymore.
12/24/2014 03:00 EST
'Unexplained Infertility' JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

'Unexplained Infertility' Explained

In viewing a recent "health matters" segment where my amazing colleague Dr. Erica Robinson was interviewed regarding ways to improve fertility, it occurred to me that she, myself and the rest of our expert team at the World of my Baby (WOMB) are addressing aspects of fertility every day that are often categorized as "unexplained infertility."
11/17/2014 05:36 EST
I Helped My Autistic Son Thrive By Ignoring Our Getty Images

I Helped My Autistic Son Thrive By Ignoring Our Doctor

Autism. That one word, uttered by a white-coated doctor during the spring of 2007, was all it took to turn my life upside down. The doctor told me he was unlikely to develop further or finish high school. But I decided I was I was not going to let the words of some doctor limit my son's potential.
11/03/2014 12:22 EST
How Facebook Stopped Me From Dating a Lying Master OSM 2011/Flickr

How Facebook Stopped Me From Dating a Lying Creep

Sure, if your boyfriend wants to cheat he can use the Internet as a platform to do so but that platform also serves as a database of information that can save you from a dreadful first date or even potentially dangerous one. So thank you, Facebook. Had it not been for you, I may still be wondering why the cute, charming guy wasn't contacting me rather than grateful I haven't heard from that dishonest, two-timing jerk.
10/30/2014 05:40 EDT
My Morning Sickness Was So Horrific it Sent Me to the Photodisc via Getty Images

My Morning Sickness Was So Horrific it Sent Me to the ICU

My highest record for throwing up was 40 times in one day, and that was a normal occurrence. My spells of sickness would last about two weeks, if I was lucky. I started to become so malnourished that 25 pounds had fallen off my small frame, and I started to hallucinate. During that time period, I remember praying to die. I felt like I was dying.
10/29/2014 01:20 EDT
How I Live With BSIP via Getty Images

How I Live With Anorexia

The moment I put on my dream wedding dress, I cried tears of disappointment and frustration. It was exactly as I had pictured, with a corseted top that tied like a ballet slipper in the back, shiny white beads on the front, and a flowing, silky train. The dress wasn't the problem. It was how I looked in it. "You look beautiful," my mother said, thinking I was crying tears of joy. In that moment, I knew I still wasn't "better." I thought I had recovered, and I thought this meant I'd love the way I look. I hate that my eating disorder tainted this precious moment that I cannot have back. I use this hate to empower myself. Today, five years later, I think I'm "normal."
09/24/2014 05:51 EDT
The TDSB Wants to Move My Kids to a New School, and I'm Shutterstock

The TDSB Wants to Move My Kids to a New School, and I'm Rallying

Recently, parents at Garden Ave Public School in Toronto got a shock -- we were told that our kids would potentially be forced to move to another school just over 1km away, with the TDSB saying they think that distance is not "too far" for JK kids to walk. The school is gorgeous and big but desperately under-populated. Our school is small and hidden and nearly at capacity. Needless to say, we've rallied.
09/24/2014 05:46 EDT
I Can Be a Feminist and Watch Submissive Liquidlibrary via Getty Images

I Can Be a Feminist and Watch Submissive Porn

I went back to the hardcore sites; the ones where women were being tied up, the men allowed to do what they wanted to them. Women bound to beds, hanging by their wrists from the ceiling, gagged and unable to speak. I felt a mixture of horror and disgust and a feeling I wasn't expecting: arousal.
09/20/2014 10:16 EDT
We Should Care Less About Kate Middleton's Second ASSOCIATED PRESS

We Should Care Less About Kate Middleton's Second Pregnancy

When news of the Duchess of Cambridge's second pregnancy was announced on September 8, the Internet immediately exploded into a flurry of excitement. What about the other face of pregnancy, the one which is rarely discussed? Who is sharing the tales of these women, as they are no longer here to share their own unhappy endings?
09/11/2014 07:56 EDT
A Two-Game Suspension Is a Small Price for Ray Rice To Rob Carr via Getty Images

A Two-Game Suspension Is a Small Price for Ray Rice To Pay

This isn't Ray Rice's story of fame to public shame. It's the story of Janay Palmer, Anthea Mari and the many faceless women who have suffered through the same tale. Sadly, the NFL could have used better judgment from the moment the first video was released to the public. The original two-game suspension seems like after-school detention or a fleeting time-out in the corner, a small price to pay for what should be an incredibly adult crime.
09/10/2014 05:50 EDT
What About Everyday Women Whose Photos Get George Pimentel via Getty Images

What About Everyday Women Whose Photos Get Leaked?

While it is certainly true that this invasion of personal space across the digital space has violated the privacy of many celebrities, what does this scandal mean for the everyday woman? The average young woman would most likely not have the assistance of the FBI or Apple in bringing the hackers to justice. In fact, she may suffer from shame, encounter stigma or face bullying from her peers. Her everyday life may not be as public as Jennifer Lawrence's superstar existence, but a single image of her can become a viral threat just as quickly.
09/03/2014 04:41 EDT