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The Future Of Canada's Rental Market

2016 was a monstrous year for Canadian real estate, and it's hard to imagine what the effects of another record-setting year will have on the red hot rental market. To put things in perspective, the CREA Home Price Index jumped from 184 to 208.9 by the end of last year. The total number of home sales increased by 6.3 per cent year-over-year and anyone who tried to buy a home or condo is fully aware of what these figures meant for the price of homes.
03/24/2017 02:04 EDT
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What And How Millennials Search When Apartment Hunting

For today's generation of rentseeker's and homebuyers, the web is almost where they live. They grew up with it and that's all they know -- blossoming from their teenage years with MSN messenger and graduating with facebook. And as TechCrunch recently reported, Apartments are the Hot New Tech Sector.
06/03/2016 11:45 EDT
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10 Life Tips To Help Increase Your Housing Budget

If you rent, you know how important it is to stretch your monthly budget in order to get a place you love. The line between 'wants and needs' must be clearly drawn, and once you have your budget, it's time to make the most of it. RentSeeker... is here to help you stretch that budget with 10 tips to save you money so you can maximize your housing budget and find an apartment you'll be excited to call home.
05/18/2016 09:53 EDT
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Here's How To Make Sense Of Canada's Confusing 'Recession'

The Canadian economy is "technically" in a recession, as 2015 ended with two consecutive quarters of contracting GDP. Whether or not you personally agree with classifying the current economic situation as such, we are going through tough times. However, the recession does not seem to be bothering most Canadian economists -- or, for that matter, most Canadians.
02/11/2016 04:39 EST
pbombaert via Getty Images

Is It Better To Rent Or To Buy?

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recently stated that real estate markets in the top cities to live in Canada are currently overvalued. In October of 2015 their Housing Market Assessment listed Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Edmonton as examples of cities where buying a home can be very risky.
01/07/2016 06:01 EST

Alternatives To Conventional Homes: Realistic Or Ridiculous?

While the housing and rental markets continue to make headlines in the news, alternatives to conventional homes have started to become more of a topic of its own. From tiny homes, to the Google employee living in a van, these examples offer a glimpse of the 'alternative home living' movement, a lifestyle where people are choosing to live in homes that greatly deviate from the norm.
12/14/2015 05:24 EST
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Where Are Rents Rising And Getting Cheaper Across Canada?

Regardless of your motivation, renting is a great option for many of us across the country. Affordability and convenience are just a couple reasons why people prefer this option and others just like the change of scenery and inspiration that a new neighbourhood can offer. Here are some of the cities in Canada with the greatest increases and decreases in housing rental costs.
11/09/2015 02:36 EST
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10 of Canada's Hottest Neighbourhoods to Call Home

Canada has been receiving global attention, not just as a country, but also for its personality, style and popular cities and neighbourhoods for living. Forward-thinking and forward-moving urbanites and millennials looking to score the right balance between architectural beauty, 21st Century artistic and cultural relevance, consumer amenities and urban chic have fantastic options to choose from to call home.
09/17/2015 12:17 EDT