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Theresa Wells


Theresa Wells is a long-term resident of Fort McMurray Alberta, and proud to call that northern city her home. She is passionate about writing, family, community, and shoes, but not necessarily in that order.
Twin Highway 63 - Because You Can't Cure

Twin Highway 63 - Because You Can't Cure Stupid

You can talk about bad driving and negligence and speeding all you like and about how if we just address all those things the problem would end - but the reality is you cannot completely change human behaviour. While some people may change there will always be someone who chooses to drive 200 km per hour instead of 100, or pass a dozen vehicles and play chicken with oncoming traffic.
09/11/2012 01:53 EDT
Fort McMurray: Life Beyond Oil

Fort McMurray: Life Beyond Oil Sands

There are also those who think that Fort McMurray is nothing but oil sands, nothing but workers in coveralls and enormous dump trucks, the landscape nothing but a sea of tailings ponds and smoke stacks. As with many things, though, the reality is nothing like the hype.
09/04/2012 01:09 EDT