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Thien Hyunh

Freelance Writer, Father

Thien Huynh works in the banking industry but fancies himself a freelance writer -- just so he can appear a little bit more interesting. He is a first time father to his 18-month old son Luke and has learned how to cook for the family from watching multiple <em>Iron Chef</em> episodes with his wife Yen (instead of watching basketball, like he would prefer to do).
The Main Ingredients Spring Edition: Slow Cooking (Challenger's

The Main Ingredients Spring Edition: Slow Cooking (Challenger's Meal)

Mealtime is even more hectic than usual because, for the first time, I'm solely responsible for planning and prepping meals for the entire family. Whereas my wife and I teamed up on past cooking challenges, I was alone in the kitchen this time. Unfortunately, my skills are not even on par with an Iron Microwave Chef. Fortunately, the challenge was to create a healthy meal using "slow cooking" methods, which is ideal for my "minimalist" cooking style.
03/06/2014 04:52 EST
Challenge #1 : Busy Morning

Challenge #1 : Busy Morning Breakfast

My wife and our 18-month old Luke took on a Main Ingredients cooking challenge this summer and found it really fun and fulfilling, literally. So when our family was presented with this newest cook-off task, we were raring to go.
09/18/2013 05:44 EDT
The Main Ingredients Challenge #4: Smorgasbord

The Main Ingredients Challenge #4: Smorgasbord Meal

I was shocked at how easy it was to prepare these dishes from scratch. All of the ingredients were easy to find at the grocery store. It was fun to work with my wife in the kitchen and reach a culinary compromise of healthiness and tastiness.
08/26/2013 08:31 EDT