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Thomas McMorrow

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Thomas McMorrow is an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he teaches Philosophy of Law, Family Law, Public Law, and courses in mediation. His research interests include legal theory, legal pluralism, property law theory, education law, and legal education. His most recent scholarly publications appear in the Dalhousie Law Journal, the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review, the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, and the Alberta Law Review. He has a doctorate and master's in law from McGill University and an LLB (Law & French) from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.
Assisted Dying Bill C-14 Is Heavy On

Assisted Dying Bill C-14 Is Heavy On Ambiguity

The government was (perhaps understandably) reluctant to legislate either a) in support of medical assistance in dying "on demand" for anyone with an intolerable medical condition or b) in a manner that directly contravenes the relatively permissive parameters laid out by the Supreme Court.
04/15/2016 10:18 EDT