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Tia Duffy

Body image spokesperson

Tia Duffy holds a Bachelor of Philosophy/Psychology and Theology from Dublin City Univeristy with a post graduate diploma in Education. She continues her Post graduate studies in Social Sciences in Queens University. A spokesperson on body image she provides advice on mental health, self care, body image, education, fashion and media.
4 Steps To Falling In Love With Your Plume Creative via Getty Images

4 Steps To Falling In Love With Your Body

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the relationship is between your mind and body? We read so much about it but actually taking the time to sit in silence with a pen and paper may be a once in a lifetime experience for some, most wont ever do it at all. Reflecting psychologically on your body can positively change your friendships, relationships and even your career.
10/24/2016 01:29 EDT
Body Positive Fashion Can Only Work If We All Come Richard Dubois

Body Positive Fashion Can Only Work If We All Come Together

Body positive campaigns are essential for progression within the fashion community and media. Why? Because they remind us to love our bodies. They remind us the "perfect body" is a hoax. Having been exposed to the harsh realities of the media and modelling from a young age, I think it is imperative to influence teenagers/women/men to love their bodies as they are without changing them.
09/20/2016 02:21 EDT