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Tiffany Glover

Human rights advocate

Tiffany completed her Bachelor of Laws honours degree at Queen Mary University of London in June 2012. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. <br> <br> Tiffany has over 5 years of public policy experience from working at an industry trade association in Vancouver, to working for a Member of Parliament and being Government Relations Manager for a national non-profit organization. <br> <br> Most recently she interned with the British Institute of Human Rights focusing on government policy and human rights issues.
Tory Attack Ads Demean All Charitable

Tory Attack Ads Demean All Charitable Canadians

By poking fun at Mr. Trudeau's strip tease, the Conservatives are not only limiting their own MPs' charitable efforts, but by association they are demeaning the many others who do the same. The only judgment that these ads question is that of their creators, the Conservatives.
04/16/2013 05:27 EDT