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Real Sports Ups its Game

Up until now, Real Sports Bar & Grill and the Toronto Blue Jays shared some uncanny qualities. Both are well known brands and ongoing support for these entities are due to hopes for a positive experience. But instead, we end up with subpar sentiments -- the former with drab & dismally made bar food and the latter with season after disappointing season.
09/30/2015 05:13 EDT

L.A. Froyo Fave Pinkberry Opens First Ontario Location

They recently swirled into Eastern Canada with a grand opening at Square One Mall in Mississauga. I was present for the star-studded opening and ribbon cutting ceremony which included Former Mayor Hazel McCallion and current Mayor Bonnie Crombie. Even fashion maven Jeanne Becker made an appearance, who asserted herself to be a "Pinkberry virgin."
09/13/2015 06:12 EDT
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This Company Exemplifies the Power of Work-Life Integration

The seamless integration of work and life has been imperative to the growth and successes of Clif Bar & Company. By fostering a community connectedness through group exercises, community service, and shared weekly organic meals together in their in-house cafe, they've openly discussed the types of food they want in their diets and for their families.
08/25/2015 12:00 EDT
Tiffany Leigh

Soaking Up the Toronto Skyline on an Evening Cruise

I boarded Mariposa's Northern Spirit ship the for a themed dinner and sail party. The company has a legion of flotillas, six in total, and in varying sizes to accommodate large or intimate parties. The Spirit is the largest of the fleet and is able to hold 575 passengers. With three spacious decks, we could wander up to the open air top and soak up the evening's skyline.
08/12/2015 12:16 EDT
Tiffany Leigh

How I Found My Favourite Chardonnay

For a rookie chardonnay sipper like myself, I was eager to learn about the masterful combinations created in this wine style. And I believe that's the beauty of this event. It is open to the public and provides an opportunity for you to try a multitude of wines from around the globe.
07/27/2015 12:14 EDT
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In its modest dwellings, Levetto is an archetype of a fast-casual entity that's executed with earnest pleasure. It is restaurant-worthy fare at fast-food costs, so prices are ridiculously reasonable....
07/26/2015 05:35 EDT
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This Steakhouse Embraces the Bold While Honouring Traditions

XXI Chophouse boasts a blend of equine accents, bronze finishes, imported Italian marble, rich wood flooring, a wine wall, and a showcase of dark spirits. The cost of this transformation was $4 million. For Ben and Marc Graci, it was imperative to spare no expense -- they wanted the quality of the space to reflect the steakhouse's cuisine.
07/15/2015 12:38 EDT
Tiffany Leigh

The Perfect Dessert for Your Summer Potluck

As a veteran potluck dessert-bringer, I've learned that squares are your most reliable companions. They're the archetype of the ideal sweet to bring to a party. Meanwhile, cheesecakes, cakes, cupcakes -- all gleefully dainty -- but so spectacularly fussy.
07/10/2015 05:36 EDT
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This Toronto Restaurant Serves Up a Tossed Salad of Culture

My latest dining experience reminded me of something that is quintessentially Canadian. Partners Derek Valleau and Harsh Chawla of Pukka fame, team up with Chef Masayuki to open Concession Road, their latest addition to the Toronto restaurant scene. The trio are a tossed salad of cultures brought together for the love of good food and a desire to share it with others.
07/07/2015 05:31 EDT