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Tikva Hecht

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Tikva Hecht is a writer and editor based in Toronto. She received her Masters in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research and was a 2010-2012 Cardozo Law School CJL Graduate Fellow. She's fascinated by subjectivity, communication, pop culture and mass media, and enjoys watching people and movies.
Why Do You Dismiss Poetry as a Getty

Why Do You Dismiss Poetry as a "Hobby"? It's a Profession Too

In our society, being a poet is not a profession. According to Alan King, someone who does make his living from writing and writing-related activities, when introducing himself as a poet, people on average respond, next to asking him what his "nine-to-five is," by nostalgically recalling such childhood (childish?) dallying of their own.
09/17/2013 07:51 EDT
Nehedar's New Album Gets to the Heart of Unemployment Getty

Nehedar's New Album Gets to the Heart of Unemployment Woes

The newest album by Nehedar, This Heart, is a stunning anti-folk record about a topic that many of us are all to familiar with: unemployment. The edge between childhood and adulthood, between fantasy and reality, is where This Heart sits, leaning a little one way or the other as it switches between melodious and haunting.
06/14/2013 12:31 EDT
How Honest Is Your Online Getty Images

How Honest Is Your Online Persona?

Last week, the popular online dating site, Plenty of Fish, announced new features to try to weed out fake profiles. Whether you're for or against the gesture, it's difficult to think of the update as anything but that. We have become a society immersed in mass habitual tinkering in the gap between who we are and who we present ourselves to be, always at work on our personal "brand."
05/29/2013 12:19 EDT
What's the Point of Thinking Fast if Ideas Are Half Alamy

What's the Point of Thinking Fast if Ideas Are Half Baked?

If there is one area which has undergone intense innovation in the last 20 years, it's communication. The problem, of course, with a pervasive promise of change is that it sends the cart before the horse. We've branded our generation as innovators but is this image itself really the best thing we've come up with? Are we so hungry for new ideas, we're willing to eat them half-baked?
12/27/2012 05:07 EST
Taylor Swift Taught me to Start Saying AP

Taylor Swift Taught me to Start Saying "Never"

The radio's been playing Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" over and over for weeks. As Taylor Swift demonstrates with a vengeance, you damn well better start saying Never. And not just Never to wasteful things and negative influences but Never to people and prospects you greatly admire, even love, would trade your right arm to be connected to. Internalizing that is probably one of the most important things I've gained from my twenties.
09/25/2012 05:51 EDT
Would You Want to Be TWC

Would You Want to Be Immortal?

What the movie Lawless does do is let us explore, just around the edges, what the experience of immortality might actually look like, at least in this world. Surprisingly, though certainly compellingly, even in the body of Tom Hardy it's difficult to imagine wanting to look at that picture forever.
09/04/2012 05:08 EDT
The Dark Knight Rises: Safety Not Guaranteed

The Dark Knight Rises: Safety Not Guaranteed ...

I had planned to write this post after seeing The Dark Knight Rises but I haven't seen it. Not in protest. I've considered going but the thought leaves me... uncomfortable. I don't know if, and to what extent, the movie's to blame for what happened but blame seems too simple anyway.
07/28/2012 11:48 EDT