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Tim Paziuk

Educator, Lecturer, Author and Financial Planner

Tim Paziuk CFP, educator, lecturer, author and financial planner has spent his career trying to help people keep more of what they earn. As President of TPC Financial Group Ltd, Tim travels the country lecturing to University Students and Professional Groups while at the same time managing his own fee for service planning practice. He has twice been recognized by Advisor's Edge magazine as one of the top financial planners in Canada.
How Much Do We Tax The Middle laflor via Getty Images

How Much Do We Tax The Middle Class?

The Liberal Government has stated they want to build a strong middle class, but who comprises the middle class? Mr. Morneau in his 2017 budget speech stated, "All Canadians must pay their fair share of taxes," but what is a "fair share"? Let's do the math and find out.
04/06/2017 10:41 EDT
Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Bank?

Over the last few weeks, there has been much press about how the banks have been accused of "upselling" clients and pressuring staff to market financial products to customers that they do not need. High-pressure sales tactics are not always that apparent. When one thinks of high-pressure sales tactics, it usually involves someone in your face trying to convince you to buy something you probably don't want. It is often a very uncomfortable situation, and all you can think about is trying to get away.
04/04/2017 04:23 EDT
Why Now May Be The Best Time To Lock-In Your Rob Daly via Getty Images

Why Now May Be The Best Time To Lock-In Your Mortgage

While the federal government is trying to rein in some of the borrowing that's taking place by making it more difficult to borrow, every one of us should take heed -- interest rates will rise. I believe the most important thing individuals should be doing is locking in their mortgages (ideally for five years).
10/19/2016 04:56 EDT
CRM2: When Disclosure Fails To utah778 via Getty Images

CRM2: When Disclosure Fails To Disclose

The Client Relationship Model - Phase 2 (CRM2) is a new set of industry regulations meant to provide Canadian investors with more details on their investment costs and performance. It was developed by the Canadian Securities Administrators, an organization representing Canada's investment industry regulators.
09/07/2016 11:06 EDT
Actually, You Might Be Poorer Than You Shutterstock / Gajus

Actually, You Might Be Poorer Than You Think

Regardless of what type of investment products you're using, you should always know what it's costing you to have your money managed. If nothing is done to reduce the fees institutions are charging for investment management services most Canadians are going to be poorer then they think.
10/31/2014 01:46 EDT