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Tim Pickering

Founder, President and CIO of Auspice Capital Advisors

Tim Pickering is the Founder, President and CIO of Auspice Capital Advisors. He leads strategic decision making and the vision for Auspice’s diverse suite rules-based quantitative investment strategies. Tim believes that in the future, non-correlated alternative investments will be a core holding in all portfolios. Alternatives will no longer be viewed as risky, but as conservative and prudent, given their measurable value to investment portfolios. He is passionate about creating innovative investment strategies and products that the market needs. In 2015, Tim was selected by Alberta Venture Magazine, one of Alberta’s most widely respected business publications, as one of Alberta’s 50 most influential people. Prior to forming Auspice, Tim was VP of Trading at Shell (North America). He began his career at TD Securities (Toronto) in their elite trading development program ultimately holding the Senior PM position for the Energy Derivatives portfolio. Outside of Auspice, Tim has been involved in grain farming in Western Canada. Through the founding of Auspice, Tim ties together a career in commodity and financial risk and portfolio management that has spanned institutional experience along with entrepreneurial vision.
Love And

Love And Economics

More recently than outrageous prices paid by royalty for pineapples in the days of Columbus ($5000 in current dollars), research
05/05/2017 12:16 EDT
Be Accretive In Finance And In

Be Accretive In Finance And In Life

Accretive is a word we use a lot. It is the process of improving something, making it better. While adding value gets talked about a lot across aspects of business, consumer products, services and even in the financial industry, it is a little different than being accretive.
04/05/2017 02:07 EDT
Investing In The

Investing In The Unknown

If the year has taught us anything, what stands out is being different and not following the pack in consensus or action. While typical "hedge funds", as ironic as that sounds, struggled, not all were negative.
01/13/2017 07:01 EST
The Good Old Rule Of

The Good Old Rule Of 72

Want to know how long it takes to double your investments? Look no further than the old "Rule of 72." While no one has a
09/07/2016 12:06 EDT
Donald Trump's Effect On The Financial And Commodity

Donald Trump's Effect On The Financial And Commodity Markets

In the long list of market unknowns, Donald J. Trump and the US Presidential race is <strong>the unknown.</strong> The result of the election could have massive implications on the markets, even if we are unsure about what they are. When looking to commodities, a weaker US dollar will drive prices higher, but this may be offset by concerns over a slowing economy.
08/10/2016 12:34 EDT