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Tim Querengesser

Writer, journalist

Tim Querengesser is an award-winning journalist whose writing and reporting has been published in the <em>Globe and Mail</em>, <em>Adbusters</em>, <em>Maisonneuve</em>, <em>Up Here</em>, <em>Kwani</em> and many other publications. In 2010 he was shortlisted for a National Magazine Award. Follow him on Twitter: @timquerengesser
The Costs of Staying Idle on Aboriginal

The Costs of Staying Idle on Aboriginal Issues

Many Canadians have responded to recent calls for an improved relationship between Indigenous peoples and Ottawa as something that's too expensive to consider. The perception is that improvements will cost big bucks, and ultimately hurt Canada's economy. But few have pondered what the costs of maintaining the status quo could be.
01/25/2013 12:07 EST
Idle No More Memes Taking Over the

Idle No More Memes Taking Over the Twittersphere

#Ottawapiskat has been trending on Twitter with a fervour few other hashtags have generated. Aaron Paquette, a First Nations artist from Edmonton, says he started the hashtag to raise questions about the double standards that First Nations people often face in the media.
01/21/2013 12:19 EST
Canada's Great Immigration

Canada's Great Immigration Flop

Assimilation of indigenous peoples in Canada been attempted spiritually (missionaries), culturally (the banning of ceremonies through the Indian Act), politically (the imposing of the band and council system), and economically (far too many examples to list). None have been successes. All, in the language of today, are a fail.
01/18/2013 05:33 EST
Dear F1: It's Not Me, It's

Dear F1: It's Not Me, It's You

I'd like to publicly announce the immediate dumping of my formerly loved sport. By believing F1 could race in Bahrain this past weekend without endorsing an authoritarian regime and its violent repression of a pro-democracy movement, Bernie Ecclestone, the billionaire British owner, inserted the sport into the centre of the ongoing Arab Spring, and even helped to re-ignite it.
04/24/2012 08:01 EDT
Why Should You Care About

Why Should You Care About Attawapiskat?

Attawapiskat is the portmanteau of Canadian blame, and the longer this continues the more neurotic, blame-happy and internationally noticed Canada becomes for all of this. We are a nation that says sorry with saccharine regularity but we balance this with a love of blame.
12/22/2011 02:02 EST
Arctic Fighter Jets? Yes! Universities?

Arctic Fighter Jets? Yes! Universities? No.

We will gladly spend $9 billion on F-35 fighter jets, ostensibly to help patrol our Arctic airspace and keep it Russian-free. What we will not do is spend real money on higher education for people in the North. For instance, the Canadian government quietly slashed funding for the University of the Arctic.
10/17/2011 04:37 EDT
Biden, China and Our Shared Only-Child

Biden, China and Our Shared Only-Child Dilemma

China's 4:2:1 problem is ours, too, just with a different name: A glut of people are growing old and there are fewer of us to pay for their care, while also having to save for our own retirement. At the personal level, there are more of us without siblings shouldering the costs of care for aging parents.
08/31/2011 01:51 EDT
China to Apple: We're Makin'

China to Apple: We're Makin' Copies

Copying has long been what China does with Western stuff, but the Apple Store story seems to have touched a new nerve. Now, not only is the product being copied but the retail aesthetic and subsequent hype is, too. That's being perceived as a threat.
08/15/2011 11:40 EDT