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Timi Gustafson, R.D.

Registered Dietitian, Health Counselor

Timi Gustafson, RD, LDN, FAND is a Registered Dietitian, health counselor, book author, syndicated newspaper columnist and blogger. She lectures on nutrition and healthy living to audiences worldwide. She is the founder and president of Solstice Publications LLC, a publishing company specializing in health and lifestyle education.

Timi completed her Clinical Dietetic Internship at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, an active member of the Washington State Dietetic Association, a member of the Diabetes Care and Education, Healthy Aging, Vegetarian Nutrition and the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition practice groups.
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Men Must Learn To Cope With Longer Lives

Men used to have shorter life spans than women, according to statistics that seemed unchanging for many decades. But lately the gap started to close, and at least part of the male population is now making headways in terms of healthy aging and longevity.
03/29/2016 12:49 EDT
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Most Of Us Have No Idea What Eating Healthy Really Means

Consumers generally want to eat better, but they also remain prone to reach for fast food and snacks. While the public is given easier access to nutritional information and advice than ever, there continues to be a gap, if not a disconnect, between what people voice as their health concerns and how they actually act upon them.
02/24/2016 01:41 EST

Sleep Well - Your Life May Depend On It

While many young people may feel they can burn the proverbial midnight oil without paying much of a price, shortage of sleep and sleep disruption can wreak havoc on their middle-aged and older counterparts in ways not truly appreciated until recently.
01/25/2016 03:49 EST
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The Holidays Don't Have To Include Weight Gain

The holiday season is a notorious time for unwanted weight gain. Office parties, family gatherings, and a thousand temptations wherever you turn can quickly lead to extra pounds that are hard to get rid of in the aftermath. Fortunately, none of this is inevitable, and you don't have to wait until New Year to get back on track.
12/14/2015 02:42 EST
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Orthorexia: A Diagnosis In Search Of A Disease?

Most eating disorders are focused on food quantity and resulting weight issues. But orthorexic people can be overweight, extremely thin, or everything in between. Their sole concern is the quality of the food they eat and whether it is in accordance with their rules and restrictions.
11/24/2015 05:38 EST
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Why We Make The Wrong Choices

Getting exactly what we want is rare. Usually it's give and take. Conflicting interests make it necessary to bargain constantly. However, we also haggle with ourselves when no one else is around to limit our options -- often unconsciously. As behavioral scientists tell us, even under the best of circumstances, smart and regrettable choices balance each other out over time.
10/30/2015 04:39 EDT
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Why People Give Up On Diet And Health Advice

Nutrition counselors have arguably the lowest success rate among all health-care professionals. We have plenty of repeat customers, especially after the holidays, but we are also faced with a large percentage of "drop-outs," meaning clients who eventually give up on weight control, regular exercise, and improving their lifestyle choices.
10/27/2015 12:04 EDT
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How to Find Calm After Retirement

What was traditionally considered a time of well-deserved rest and leisure now became "the power years," where people could finally realize their true potential. But clearly not everyone has bought into this concept. There is a new yearning for rest among today's older adults, although not quite in the same way their predecessors envisioned it.
10/01/2015 05:28 EDT