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Timi Gustafson, R.D.

Registered Dietitian, Health Counselor

Timi Gustafson, RD, LDN, FAND is a Registered Dietitian, health counselor, book author, syndicated newspaper columnist and blogger. She lectures on nutrition and healthy living to audiences worldwide. She is the founder and president of Solstice Publications LLC, a publishing company specializing in health and lifestyle education.

Timi completed her Clinical Dietetic Internship at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, an active member of the Washington State Dietetic Association, a member of the Diabetes Care and Education, Healthy Aging, Vegetarian Nutrition and the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition practice groups.
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Be Positive And You Might Live Longer

Those who reported having fun, doing things that gave them pleasure, maintaining an active social life, etc. were found to develop fewer impairments and showed slower declines compared to those who were less upbeat. In fact, differences in attitude seemed to produce remarkable results.
01/23/2014 12:26 EST

What Diet Plan Works Best?

It's the time of the year again when purveyors of diet and weight loss programs vie most fiercely for our attention, hoping to convince customers that their product can do the trick much faster and more effortlessly than the competition. But the fact is that what makes one approach more promising than another depends on a variety of factors.
01/12/2014 10:49 EST

Obesity and Health Just Don't Go Together

For quite a while some experts believed that a little extra body fat would not necessarily trigger health problems like metabolic syndrome, a cluster of diseases that often accompanies weight gain. But all that may just be fantasy, according to a recent study from Canada.
12/08/2013 11:20 EST
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Walk Your Way to Health

At a time when extreme sports are all the hype, mundane activities like walking don't get much attention. It's just too basic, too boring to even think about it. Yet walking can be a great indicator of both physical and mental wellbeing.
12/03/2013 12:35 EST

There's No Such Thing as a "Natural Diet" for Humans

The paleo diet is basically a fantasy, according to Marlene Zuk, a professor of ecology, evolution and behavioral science. She told Der Spiegel: "Its supporters assume that, at a certain point in time, our ancestors were perfectly adapted to their environment. But those conditions presumably never existed."
11/24/2013 02:05 EST

Who Wants to Be Called an "Inner Beauty"?

When the singer and actress Beyonce was named the "World's Most Beautiful Woman" by People Magazine in 2012, she responded that it was in fact "inner beauty" she valued the most. To the rest of us mere mortals, being beautiful only on the inside doesn't sound especially appealing.
11/16/2013 07:03 EST

The Real Reason People Overeat During the Holidays

That many people's waistlines expand during the holiday season is a well-established fact. But, as a new study found, the reason why most of us overindulge at this particular time may not be so much the countless opportunities for extra munching but rather the need for extra comfort due to heightened stress.
11/07/2013 12:31 EST

Avoid Emotional Eating this Holiday Season

As the holidays are nearing, even those among us who mostly manage to stay in shape have to wonder how they can prevent serious damage to their waistline this time of the year. It's no secret: from Thanksgiving (or earlier) through New Year's Day, we all indulge in lots of parties, festive meals, and treats all abound.
10/30/2013 05:51 EDT

Why We Love Comfort Food So Much

Scientists have long searched for answers why food that is fatty, salty or sweet is so popular, in fact to the extent that many of us have a hard time stopping ourselves from overindulging in edibles we know are not particularly healthy but give us so much pleasure. Possible explanations go in all sorts of directions
10/25/2013 05:28 EDT

When Choosing a Diet Plan, Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

If your goal is to lose weight, almost any diet that restricts calorie intake will do the trick, at least for a while. What should be met with suspicion are weight loss plans and programs that promise quick results and lasting success with little effort. In the real world, no such thing exists.
10/21/2013 12:30 EDT
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Is Food Addiction Real?

As the obesity crisis continues to spread around the world, nutrition scientists keep looking for answers why millions of people eat more than they should. One possible explanation, some have suggested, is food addiction, an inability to stop eating, even when it makes us sick.
10/17/2013 05:15 EDT

Healthy Aging: The Next Frontier of Medical Research?

Rather than spending all of their time fighting diseases, medical researchers should focus more on how we can enable an aging population to stay healthy for as long as possible, according to a study conducted by some of the country's top universities.
10/15/2013 12:14 EDT

A Better Way of Measuring Fat

Participants in his study who had the highest percentages of body fat were also most likely to suffer from high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors that are indicators for illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. A better method of measuring body fat would be a scanning procedure known as DEXA.
10/07/2013 12:05 EDT

Fight Cravings Caused by Stress and Anxiety

Since food cravings in response to stress will inevitable occur, whether you fight them or not, it seems more helpful to keep food items around that are healthy and non-fattening, like fruits and vegetables, and to stay away from the chips and candy you may prefer at the moment but will cause you regrets later on.
09/19/2013 05:38 EDT

Why Kids Can't Make Informed Food Choices

What irks me the most is the whole concept of playing tricks with young minds. Children, wise ones or not so wise ones, should never be put in a position where they, even on rare occasions, are responsible for their own wellbeing.
09/12/2013 09:16 EDT

Malnutrition Exists Right in Our Backyard

September is hunger awareness month. We are not talking about the developing world where food shortages have long been a menace to vast parts of its populations, but in one of the wealthiest places on Earth. Regrettably, the long-term effects of food deprivation, especially at a young age, are not always readily understood or considered.
09/10/2013 12:08 EDT

Why Sitting All Day Is a Pain in the Butt (and Legs, and Heart...)

Health experts have long warned that a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a number of diseases and even shorten people's lifespans. Several recent studies have confirmed that sitting for hours while working, commuting or relaxing at home can result in serious damage that cannot easily be offset even with regular exercise.
08/01/2013 12:10 EDT

Time Seems to Fly in the Later Years of Life

Time flies, whether we have fun or not. Time also seems to pass more quickly as we age. Of course, the notion that time goes by with greater speed in our later years is nothing but an illusion. Some experts believe that our time perception is strongly influenced by two mental functions, namely attention and memory.
07/25/2013 05:27 EDT

The Best Way to Prevent Dementia

Three independent studies from Europe confirmed what experts suspected all along but had not been able to say with certainty, namely that both physical health and mental activity are both contributing...
07/19/2013 11:22 EDT