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Timothy Caulfield

Research Director, Health Law and Science Policy Group

Timothy Caulfield is a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, Professor at the Faculty of Law and School of Public Health, University of Alberta, Research Director of the Health Law and Science Policy Group and author of the book The Cure for Everything: Untangling the Twisted Messages about Health, Fitness and Happiness.

Don Cherry Should Stick to Hockey, Not Health

When news broke that scientifically the effects of Cold FX are dubious, Don Cherry responded that clinical trials and independent biomedical researchers are "garbage." If we don't use science as our method of inquiry, what should we use? Tea leaves? Tarot cards?
01/21/2012 12:08 EST

Want to Lose Weight? Stop Looking For the Fat Gene

I am willing to bet that researchers will never find an all-powerful "fat gene" (or genes) that we can blame for our weight-gain troubles. There will never be a gene therapy that will allow us to eat what we want. Genetic testing is not the answer.
01/03/2012 12:23 EST

Stem Cell Research Won't Lead to Cloned Monsters. Seriously.

Time magazine recently declared a cloning technique used for stem cell research to be the number one medical breakthrough of 2011. The research was done in New York. And that's a good thing. If it were done in Canada, the researchers would be criminals. They could even be put in jail.
12/21/2011 04:02 EST

Food Labels Don't Discourage Fat People

A massive food industry spending billions on marketing strategies that are aimed at convincing us to eat, eat, EAT. Can sterile food labels compete with images of sexy, hip (and invariably thin) youth enjoying a late-night "fourth meal," to paraphrase the insidiously ingenious Taco Bell advertisement campaign?
12/07/2011 11:47 EST

Do Stem Cells Really Offer a Miracle Cure?

Quarterback Peyton Manning has used it. So has New York Yankee pitcher Bartolo Colon. Ditto Texas Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry. What is this miracle cure, this elixir of life? Stem cell therapy. But does it actually work?
11/24/2011 01:09 EST