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TJ Milburn

Toronto-based writer.

TJ Milburn is a Toronto-based writer who grew up in Albert County, New Brunswick.
Don't Let Fear Be the New Normal in

Don't Let Fear Be the New Normal in Canada

Those who attack us want to be angry, to seek revenge. That's why they provoke us. Their command of the language of fear trumps yours and mine tenfold. They want this anger, this fear, to be our new normal. Fear isn't a stable state of being. A culture drenched in fear and violence begets more violence and fear. When an attack feels possible anywhere, fear becomes the ultimate weapon; in every instance, its threat proves more effective than its practice. We must not let them. This must never be normal.
10/23/2014 11:35 EDT
Three Deaths Matter More Than a Killer's

Three Deaths Matter More Than a Killer's Motives

Three of us are dead. Three of us who bought groceries from Sobeys on Vaughan Harvey Boulevard and went to Wildcats games at the Coliseum. Three of us who hold our kids when nightmares scare them from their beds. Three of us are dead and gone because of a young man with a gun. Again. The world will say the same old things about guns, and mental illness and angry young men with something to prove. They'll say the same things about the Seattle killing. Then they'll sit and wait for another tragedy somewhere else. And when the same conversations come up, we'll nod knowingly. Three of us are dead. And once again, we don't know why.
06/06/2014 12:31 EDT