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Tod Maffin

President, engageQ digital inc.

Tod Maffin is one of North America’s leading digital communications experts, specializing in social media marketing and ROI-based viral engagement campaigns for sectors from human resources to real estate to education. Maffin, president of engageQ digital, continues to report on technology trends for the CBC, and has addressed audiences around the world — from Stockholm to Berlin and from Romania to Australia.

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The Six Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes You're Making

Facebook can be a powerful way to target potential and current customers, track the ROI of your campaigns down to the penny, and grow your business' influence. But, sadly, I keep seeing companies make the same few mistakes over and over again when it comes to their Facebook marketing. Here are the most common and how to avoid them.
08/12/2013 05:30 EDT

Six Secret Nerd Tips to Get the Most Out of the Internet

Everyone knows the big digital marketing tools like Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and Buffer. But I use a bunch of amazing tools and sites that it seems nobody's heard of. This should be in the toolset of everyone who manages a brand. Or wants to check up on what your kids are saying online. Here are my secret weapons.
05/16/2013 12:05 EDT

Why Bono and I Are, Basically, the Same Person

It's really hard to tell the difference between me and Bono. OK, so there might be some differences, but you can clearly see the similarity -- the orange glasses. Bono wears them because of a sensitivity to light. You should wear them too, but for an entirely different reason.
04/03/2013 05:35 EDT

Why My Mom Is a Better Community Manager Than You

So, this was embarrassing. My firm manages the social media presences for a number of clients. I was pretty proud of our track record and rightly so. And then I looked at my mom's little upstart hobby page. And I was immediately humbled. So I asked her a few questions.
02/26/2013 05:31 EST

Brand Engagement: Three Ways to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The most effective brands driving engagement are those who are able to be relatable, and those which use their social media channels to talk about things their audience cares about. When people feel they're touching on something that matters to them, they're much more likely to participate and give back. But what will brand engagement look like in the future, and how do you stay a step ahead of trends?
10/30/2012 11:30 EDT

Can a Loyalty Concierge Help Brands?

A shopper will saunter over to the kitchen appliances section, whip out their smartphone, scan the UPC symbol on a food processor, and walk out. What just happened? Their phone just looked up that processor and told the shopper where they can get it within a three-minute walk. Welcome to the terrifying new world of retail and declining brand loyalty.
10/15/2012 12:22 EDT
Flickr: ra_coons

How I Abandoned My Goals and Became Happier

Here is how each of my weekdays unfolds: I sleep in. I feed my cats. I open my email and deal with it. Then, I start on whatever work is next on my to-do list. Other than keeping a simple flat list of tasks and commitments I've made to my clients, I don't have any big plans, long-term goals, or great desires. I don't even have priorities or an order to my list of tasks. It is incredibly freeing and I've never been happier.
10/05/2012 04:20 EDT