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Todd Kemper

Cyclist, husband, caregiver

Todd Kemper is a wildlife habitat biologist based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a proud and loving husband and dog-dad, a newbie cyclist, and an aspiring triathlete. He is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist.
boumenjapet via Getty Images

What I'm Pedalling Isn't A Bike, It's Hope

Two months short of two years after her initial cancer diagnosis I watched my wife Linnea, my love, take her last breath. I held her in my arms and I wept, and I told her that it was OK to let go. To please let go. The room filled with unimaginable wails and I was only scarcely aware that they were coming from me.
12/19/2016 02:28 EST
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I'm Cycling Through The Pain For The Woman I Love

Everything changes when your partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness and enduring a brutal treatment. The routines and rhythms that establish over time in a relationship are turned upside down. The joys are whittled down and the worries grow with every appointment. I found myself racked with anxiety and unable to work.
06/13/2016 11:05 EDT