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Tom Gamble

Human, Musician, Writer, Contemplator, Liberal (Classically).

Tom Gamble is an award winning musician, a writer, thinker and human. He is a graduate of Trinity Laban in London and The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has appeared on stages such as The Royal Festival Hall and The 2012 Olympics as well as on the BBC, CBC and more.

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Music Education Is For Everyone, Not Just The Rich

An article written for The Guardian by Charlotte C Gill sparked a considerable backlash from the music community. The premise of the piece entitled "Music education is now only for the white and wealthy" suggested that music has become an elitist subject, and that this is largely due to the "academic" way in which it is taught.
04/12/2017 05:35 EDT
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Have You Met A Trump Lately?

One morning, I noticed a man behind me acting rather strange. This bloke was a fairly standard looking late middle aged man, probably in his 50's or early 60's, regulation belly protruding from his unfashionable shirt and bland baseball hat from some town he had once visited now covering his humpty dumpty head. And he was, quite clearly, a Trump.
10/12/2016 01:09 EDT
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10 Differences I've Noticed Between Canada And The UK

Canada is a wonderful, unique country. I came here as a musician and a stereotypical tea drinking, Marmite enjoying Brit to live, work and study for a masters degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I was immediately struck with the country's immeasurable beauty, vastness and diversity, but I was even more struck with how culturally different it was to my country.
07/18/2016 11:04 EDT