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Tony Kondaks

Writer and entrepreneur

Tony Kondaks is a writer and entrepreneur currently living in Vancouver, B.C. He is the author of Why Canada must end.

What Constitutes A Race Law In Canada?

In his recent Globe and Mail Op/Ed piece Should Indigenous ancestry dictate public policy?, Tom Flanagan posits that assigning benefits to a group of people based on heredity "is not compatible with t...
06/30/2017 14:53 EDT

Is This Devil Really a Saint?

Susanna Kim of ABC News came out with a report on Wednesday which is spreading across the Internet like wildfire. The screaming headline says it all: "91-Year-Old Man Raises Money to Prevent Eviction...
05/22/2013 11:16 EDT

Don't Let Quebec Get Away With This

The government of Quebec is attempting yet again to further its agenda of imposing the supremacy of one language group above human rights. We are getting perilously close to losing this country if we continue to appease Quebec by giving in to these violations.
04/28/2013 11:21 EDT

Would You Support a Liberal Leader Who's Pro-Segregation?

Can you imagine a leader of one of Canada's main federalist parties supporting laws which give rights to members of one group while denying those same rights to others? I can't. What makes Justin Trudeau unfit to lead the Liberal Party of Canada and the country is his support of segregation.
03/17/2013 11:10 EDT

An Open Letter to Jean-François Lisée

As the newly appointed Minister Responsible for the Montreal Region, Quebec Premier Marois has asked you to start a dialogue with the province's anglophone minority. Real nations are benevolent to their minorities. Perhaps acting as if you already are a nation may make nationhood become a reality that much faster. Mr. Lisée, give us this pittance. Throw us this crumb.
10/24/2012 03:48 EDT

If You Can't Say the N-Word, Use Quotes?

In speculating that Obama may have been rattled by the release a few days earlier of Carlson's Obama tape, on which he employs a noticeable African-American cadence and accent to a largely African-American audience, The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan wrote: "...Obama was rattled by Drudge, Carlson and Hannity yelling "Remember he's a nigger!" Has Sullivan used his blog to employ a word that he would like to use but cannot?
10/09/2012 12:30 EDT

The Boy Who Got Attacked for Speaking English

Seventeen year old "G" and his cousins were walking down a street in the Montreal suburb of St. Leonard one evening last week. They were talking in English. They came upon a young adult male who took offence, saying "you are not allowed to speak English here." G was then punched in the face. Twice. It shouldn't surprise us when citizen vigilantes such as the one G met on the streets, take it upon themselves to enforce the "common language" credo using the law as justification. I don't want to continue living in a country that enables a law on any part of its territory that favours one ethnic group over all others.
09/28/2012 05:24 EDT

Politics and Violence: A Familiar Mix for Canada

"Never, never will I accept that Quebec is associated with violence," Quebec Premier-elect Pauline Marois declared in the wake of the recent election night shooting.Mme. Marois is not alone. Across the country, elected officials and pundits of all political stripes tell us that Canada is a "peaceable kingdom." The reality is quite different and it is a subject which we have been reluctant to even broach, let alone discuss.
09/07/2012 12:13 EDT

This Charter Doesn't Deserve a Birthday Celebration

I want a charter that will protect individual freedoms. And minority rights. Our so-called Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does neither. I am neither proud of such a charter nor of the country to which it belongs. How does this poor excuse for a Bill of Rights limit and restrict our rights and freedoms? Let us count the ways.
04/16/2012 08:25 EDT

Take a Good Look, Quebec Could Soon be Gone

A March Leger Marketing poll found that 45 per cent of Quebecers responded that they would prefer that Quebec become an independent country. If that figure accurately reflects how Quebecers will vote in the next sovereignty referendum, it is 90 per cent of the way to 50 per cent plus one vote.
03/28/2012 01:02 EDT

The NDP's Sneaky Attempt to Win Over Separatists

In January the NDP leadership candidates held a debate in Montreal in which every one of them refused to support the federal government's Clarity Act. It is important to note that independence by Quebec in such circumstances would not only fly in the face of the Clarity Act but stand in opposition to the amending formula of the Canadian Constitution.
03/15/2012 08:34 EDT

Will Huffpost Quebec Help End Language Apartheid?

Quebec's school segregation laws, which ensure the children of immigrants from English-speaking countries do not have the right to send their children to English schools, uses language identical in principle to that used under the now defunct apartheid system of South Africa. All it would take to eliminate this inequality is a proclamation by the legislation or government of Quebec.
02/08/2012 11:59 EST

Did Al Gore Contribute to Apple's $20 Billion Loss?

Did Gore's premature announcement contribute to any potential iPhone customers not making a purchase that they otherwise would have? l Gore is an Apple board member and, as such, any public pronouncement he makes holds much more weight than rumours circulating on the internet.
10/21/2011 02:59 EDT