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Tori Slobodzian

Environmentalist, Feminist, Scientist, LGBT ally

Tori Slobodzian grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan but left soon after graduating from the University of Regina with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. She quickly found true love and a place to call home in Calgary, Alberta. <br> Raised by her environmentally-conscious and scientifically-inclined father, she was inspired by science early on. She now works for a long-term environmental monitoring government agency and loves every second of it. She lives with her kitten, Penn, and constantly wonders how she got so lucky.
Why Canada Needs

Why Canada Needs Scientists

What the conservative government fails to realize is that scientists are public servants. Which means they work for the people of Canada, not the elected party. They are paid via tax dollars, just as politicians are, to perform a service that betters our country. Canada needs science to exist. It's importance cannot be measured by profit margins or popularity. I get it; that makes it difficult to justify spending. Especially since science is not a cheap pursuit, but I guarantee you, it is the most worthwhile pursuit of our time.
10/18/2015 08:56 EDT