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Toufic Adlouni

Partner at Renno & Co in Montreal - a lawyer with a passion in emerging tech and all things crypto

Toufic is a lawyer practicing in corporate law with a concentration in emerging tech. He enjoys working with clients in the crypto, fintech, and robotics.  He launched his own corporate services firm, Renno & Co, that offers a variety of legal, accounting, IT,  and consulting services to better serve his startup clients, which enjoy a one-stop-shop approach where they can access a variety of their professional services. 

Toufic obtained his Bachelor of public affairs and policy management from Carleton University in 2012 and his law degree from Laval University in 2016. He was called to the bar in Québec 2017.

His website is at 

Bombing Campaigns Can't Stop Franchise Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Bombing Campaigns Can't Stop Franchise Terrorism

History has shown us you may be able to bomb and kill your enemy -- but your enemies' ideas can never die. In fact, this could result in popularizing the ideas and harden its believers. Current Islamists extremists know this well, that is why they have developed a business model that is fuelled by reacting to the actions of the West. Bombs and air campaigns cannot stop the social phenomena that lead to the expansion of the Un-Islamic State; we need a sustained counter narrative to defeat this new form of terrorism. We need to show respect and vocalize how our diversity is our strength; fostering a narrative of inclusivity.
10/26/2015 12:04 EDT
Canada's Battle Against Extremism Should Involve More Aid Instead of CP

Canada's Battle Against Extremism Should Involve More Aid Instead of Bombs

Bombing only marginally degrades a group like the Un-Islamic State, who take their strategies from the Hezbollah and Hamas playbook: make equipment highly mobile, and positioning them deep underground or among residential areas. To put it bluntly, fighting ISIL is less effective than tackling the humanitarian crisis from which much extremism originates.
04/01/2015 09:28 EDT