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Tracy Bains

Writer, Marketing Strategist

Tracy Bains is a writer and marketing strategist. She also sits on the Executive Team for CoopCulture, a volunteer-run platform for enriching Canada’s dialogue on cultural diversity through storytelling and community engagement. Follow her on Twitter or on her blog.
Empowering Girls Globally From

Empowering Girls Globally From YVR

The first step was to draft my friends to the cause and open the Girl Effect YVR, a local chapter of volunteers. Following close to a year of meetings in my living room and coffee houses around town, we're about to host The Girl Effect: Empowering Girls Globally, a free public dialogue on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at the Vancouver Public Library.
10/05/2012 01:59 EDT
Unlocking Canada's Secret History of Dealing with

Unlocking Canada's Secret History of Dealing with "Undesirables"

By blaming the British for the Komagata Maru incident -- which barred 376 Indians from entering Canada -- we make history palatable and excuse the role our country played. A new website funded by the federal government, however, finally aims at unlocking the Komagata Maru incident and its significance in Canadian history.
03/27/2012 10:21 EDT