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Travis Donovan

Travis Walter Donovan is Executive Products Editor for The Huffington Post and was formerly editor of HuffPost Green. He currently resides in New York, NY.
Corporate Profits Continue To CP File

Corporate Profits Continue To Rise

OTTAWA (CP) - Operating profits for Canadian corporations continued to grow in the first three months of this year, but at a slower pace than in recent quarters, as the economic recovery loses momentu...
05/26/2011 12:07 EDT
National Bank Profit Exceeds CP File

National Bank Profit Exceeds Estimates

MONTREAL (CP) - National Bank of Canada (TSX:NA) has beat analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue for the second quarter and says it will increase its quarterly dividend by five cents. Canada's...
05/26/2011 09:53 EDT
Target's Canada AP File

Target's Canada Conquest

(CP) - Target Corp. put its big red bulls-eye on the first 105 Zellers locations -- including stores in every province -- that it plans to take over with an eye to converting them into Target stores....
05/26/2011 03:19 EDT
New Home Sales Rise In AP

New Home Sales Rise In U.S.

(CBC) -- New home sales in the U.S. rose 7.3 per cent in April, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday, but the pace remained far below that which would represent a healthy housing market. The depar...
05/25/2011 10:32 EDT
Major Iron Ore Expansion In Getty File

Major Iron Ore Expansion In Quebec

(CBC) -- International steel conglomerate ArcelorMittal will invest $2.1 billion to expand its iron ore facilities in Mont-Wright, Que. The facility, near the town of Fermont, will be upgraded to be a...
05/25/2011 10:15 EDT
Canada Ranks High On 'Better Life Getty File

Canada Ranks High On 'Better Life Index'

(CBC) -- Canadians make more, work less, are happier with their lives and better educated than most residents of the 34 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development...
05/25/2011 10:04 EDT
New Liquor Laws For Getty File

New Liquor Laws For Ontario?

TORONTO (CP) — There's "overwhelming" public support for Ontario to relax its liquor laws — something the provincial government will deliver this summer, said Attorney General Chris Bentley. Adults wi...
05/24/2011 03:28 EDT
Tories' Massive Healthcare Getty File

Tories' Massive Healthcare Promise

(CBC) - Ontario's Progressive Conservatives will spend an additional $6.1 billion on healthcare by the end of their first term if they are elected, says leader Tim Hudak. The Tories would find the mon...
05/24/2011 02:57 EDT
Layton Meets With NDP AP File

Layton Meets With NDP Caucus

(CBC) - The NDP caucus is to meet for the first time Tuesday since forming the Official Opposition. The meeting gets underway on Parliament Hill at about 2 p.m. ET with a speech by NDP Leader Jack Lay...
05/24/2011 01:42 EDT
Organized Crime Infiltrates Salmon Black CP

Organized Crime Infiltrates Salmon Black Market

VANCOUVER (CP) - Organized crime has infiltrated the black-market trade of salmon caught for aboriginal food and ceremonial purposes, apparently diverting it for sale on the open market, an inquiry in...
05/23/2011 07:19 EDT
EU Imposes Sanctions On Syrian AP File

EU Imposes Sanctions On Syrian President

(CBC) -- The 27-member European Union has imposed sanctions on Syrian President Bashar Assad over his regime's crackdown on anti-government protesters. More than 900 people are said to have been kille...
05/23/2011 07:11 EDT
Quebec Liberals Call For CP

Quebec Liberals Call For Change

(CBC) -- A group of high-ranking Liberals in Quebec is lining up against the federal party's executive, releasing an open letter to the media that argues top Liberals aren't interested in real change,...
05/23/2011 06:58 EDT