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Trevor Langdon

Trevor Langdon, Executive General Manager, Green Standards

Trevor Langdon, Executive General Manager, Green Standards

Green Standards is an environmental firm that provides organizations with simple, sustainable and cost-effective approaches to office equipment “waste”. The organization provides companies with solutions to dramatically reduce their environmental footprint by redistributing office furniture and equipment rather than sending to landfill

Since 2011, Green Standards has diverted more than 27,500 tons – or 55 million pounds – of office furniture, equipment, and supplies, and created more than $18 million worth of in-kind donations to over 2,000 non-profits across Canada and the U.S.
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The F-Waste Problem And How Companies Can Solve It

In the U.S. alone, over 17 billion pounds of office furniture and equipment is sent to landfill every year. This waste is typically a result of necessary changes like moving, branch closures or revitalization projects. The furniture needs to be removed or replaced but it is what's being done with the furniture or, "F", waste that is the problem.
12/22/2016 05:19 EST