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Trevor Wilson

Global Human Equity Strategist

Trevor Wilson is a dynamic speaker, a Human Equity™ strategist to international business and the author of Diversity at Work: The Business Case for Equity. Trevor started his career in the public sector advising the Premier of Canada's largest province on issues of multiculturalism, race relations, employment equity, affirmative action, and human rights. He now runs one of North America's leading consulting practices on issues of equity in the workplace. The firm's clients include some of North America's most progressive, global employers including, Coca-Cola, Ernst & Young, Nike, Bank of Nova Scotia, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Seagate Technology. He will publish the book The Human Equity Advantage in early 2013.
How Will You Stand Up To Canada's Homegrown

How Will You Stand Up To Canada's Homegrown Racism?

I was standing at an intersection. I glanced over at the post on the corner to be greeted by a flyer entitled "Hey White People." It was an invitation to join the "alt-right" white supremacist movement for those "sick of being blamed for all the world's problems caused by minority groups and immigrants." What had changed?
12/12/2016 11:54 EST
Diversity Fatigue Can Be

Diversity Fatigue Can Be Overcome

What you may ask is diversity fatigue? It is the Herculian effort required by diversity practitioners to keep the momentum going through the toughest economic crisis since the depression. It is maintaining the gains with front-line managers (the so-called frozen middle) who ask "when will this diversity thing end? Have we not handled it by now?"
03/08/2013 08:10 EST
Why I Never Thought I'd See a Black

Why I Never Thought I'd See a Black President

About a decade ago my first son Alex was struggling with one of the many things 16-year-olds struggle with. As a good Dad I gave him the old "you can do anything -- anything is possible" pep talk hoping to encourage him to overcome whatever obstacle he thought was stopping him. Not too long after this interaction he asked me, in an unrelated conversation, if I ever thought we would see a black U.S. president.
11/25/2012 12:40 EST