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Trey Anthony

Award-winning playwright and author, motivational speaker and relationship-life coach.

Trey Anthony is an award-winning writer, motivational speaker and relationship-life coach. Her work includes 'Da Kink in My Hair,' and 'How Black Mothers Say I Love You.' Trey's life purpose is to empower women to live their best damn lives! Her new book, 'Black Girl In Love (with herself)' will be published by Hay House and is available for pre-order. Trey divides her time between Atlanta and Toronto. She is an adoption advocate and the proud momma bear to her son Kai. In her spare time, she enjoys laughing at herself and eating cupcakes.
Is Time Already Running Out for My Black, American Baby

Is Time Already Running Out for My Black, American Baby Nephew?

Four and a half minutes after I read that a grand jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson, I sent a text to my sister in North Carolina. "You need to get my baby out of that f*&&ing racist place called the U.S. south!" 'My baby' being my one-year-old precious baby nephew. I fear that we are running out of time. I know with certainty that death can creep upon black boys lives in an instant.
12/01/2014 01:15 EST
Still Holding On to Anger About an Ex? Let it

Still Holding On to Anger About an Ex? Let it Go

I am friends with all my exes! Many people find this very strange. Many years ago I had an extremely bad break up, and because there was so much hurt between us we decided to not speak. This was one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life. But as I get older I have little time for bitterness, anger, or hurt. If there is an ex in your life whom you feel anger towards or cannot speak to them, let them go.
03/22/2013 05:32 EDT
How to Let Someone

How to Let Someone Go

I realize that holding on to something or someone for longer than necessary, does not make them or it "belong" to you. It actually has the opposite effect. The stronger and longer you hold on to them, the more they will wish for freedom. They will desperately want to seek air outside of you.
05/11/2012 05:11 EDT
Da Kink in My Uncle's

Da Kink in My Uncle's Brain

He sat at the table and I held my breath. He was charming, overly chatty with everyone and maybe someone with a keen eye may have noticed that something was a little "off" with him. I believed that if he was a part of my normal maybe this would distract him from the voices in his head, the craziness of his world. I wanted to make him forget all that he had lost.
02/12/2012 01:50 EST
My Perky

My Perky Boobs

The truth is I don't like my body. As a self-proclaimed feminist I struggle with this. Miss trey anthony, writer of <em>'da Kink</em>... the play that preaches self- acceptance and has womyn singing "I'm just loving me!" doesn't like her body?
06/22/2011 12:42 EDT