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Trish Kelly

Active Citizen, Community Builder, Good Neighbour

Of Métis and Ukrainian heritage and a proud member of the LGBTQ community, Trish Kelly is a bridge between many groups.

Professionally, Trish Kelly is 20 years into a career in the natural foods industry. Trish has also worked in small press publishing, film and television, and is herself a published author.

Through her policy work with the Food Policy Council, Trish has helped the Vancouver Park Board examine its role in building more food-friendly neighbourhoods via the Local Food Action Plan which passed in 2013. In 2010, she worked to have Vancouver declared Canada's first Fair Trade City.
What My Eclipsed Run For Office Says About Vancouver

What My Eclipsed Run For Office Says About Vancouver Politics

A couple weeks after I won my nomination, some bloggers started posting a monologue from my Fringe play. The monologue is a frank and funny take on the sex life of a single person and the ways single people can feel isolated in our culture. It also talks about masturbation. The monologue is certainly not the most frank or explicit piece of sex-positive work I have published or performed, but some bloggers had a heyday, and I was told this was just the beginning.
07/28/2014 07:32 EDT