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Trish L. Hennessy

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ontario Office

Trish Hennessy is director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' (CCPA) new Ontario office. The CCPA is a progressive, non-partisan think tank. For the past six years, Trish has directed the CCPA's national project examining income inequality in Canada. Her blog examines how we talk about the challenges of our times. Her monthly index, Hennessy's Index takes a snapshot of key issues and breaks them down by the numbers. Trish is a former newspaper journalist. She has a B.A. Sociology from Queen's University, B.S.W. from Carleton University, and M.A. in Sociology from OISE/University of Toronto.
Will Kathleen Wynne Cross the Inequality

Will Kathleen Wynne Cross the Inequality Barrier?

Imagine if Ontario's incoming Premier -- lauded for breaking the inequality barrier on two counts -- decided to parlay her victory into a post-austerity focus on solutions to income inequality. Now that would be truly groundbreaking. And it couldn't come at a better time.
01/29/2013 05:45 EST
What If Charities Go

What If Charities Go Silent?

While you're reading this, nearly two million employees are busy trying to make our world a little bit better through their work at Canada's more than eighty thousand registered charitable organizations. Until recently, few of us have had a reason to think about charities beyond the value of their good works. However, a deep chill has settled upon Canada's non-profit sector as a result of a federal initiative to ensure that the Canada Revenue Agency more rigorously monitors the activities of charitable organizations.
10/13/2012 04:40 EDT