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Tuval Dinner Nafshi

Anti-violence educator and parent.

Tuval Dinner Nafshi is a violence prevention educator specializing in healthy relationships, consent, gender equity and healthy masculinity. Over the past ten years he has facilitated workshops and delivered presentations for thousands of young people, educators and community members on issues relating to sexism, healthy relationships, gender equity and eliminating violence from our lives. Tuval has worked for the Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre, White Ribbon, and currently coordinates outreach and public education for Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions, a non-profit violence prevention education association.
Listen to Women Before Saying

Listen to Women Before Saying "Not All Men"

I know that many of us feel hurt when men in general are blamed for violence against women. And many of us have or do feel the need to exclaim, "not all men!" And its true, not all men hurt women. And some of us have been hurt by women. But I encourage, implore, beg and hope all men will consider, just consider, what it means to walk through the world with the privilege of being seen as a man.
05/28/2014 06:01 EDT