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Tyler Pollard

PhD Candidate, McMaster University

Tyler Pollard is a PhD candidate in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. His work examines the relationship among youth, education, and the problem of debt. He is Assistant Editor of The Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies and Managing Director of The Public Intellectuals Project. On Twitter: @tyler_jpollard
Voting for Tory to Keep Out Ford Is Socially

Voting for Tory to Keep Out Ford Is Socially Bankrupt

Voting for Tory in order to guarantee that we don't have to deal with four more years of Ford has become a kind of twisted civic sacrifice, which members of the liberal media tell us concerned citizens should be willing to make. The problem is that as we chase the Fords towards a well-deserved exile, we fail to see that we've lowered the gates to equally, if not more, regressive social policies and market-based politics.
10/27/2014 01:01 EDT