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Udoka Okafor

Writer and Social Critic; Student, McMaster University

I am a nerd who spends her Friday nights, alone, in her onesie, eating junk food, reading books, and watching her favourite super heroes kick some serious ass on Netflix. Oh…and I write sometimes too, I attend graduate school on the side, and when I am not too busy I also own, run, and chair a Non-Profit Foundation that awards full scholarships to undergraduate university students in my home country, Nigeria, and that participates in other poverty alleviating schemes in Nigeria.
In Order to Deal With Islamic Extremism, We Must Look ASSOCIATED PRESS

In Order to Deal With Islamic Extremism, We Must Look Deeper

The issue of Islamic extremism has been in the news a lot lately, and with very good reasons, ranging from the horrific executions carried out by the Islamic State, to the attacks and kidnappings carried out by Boko Haram, amongst many other groups. If we are truly serious about dealing with Islamic extremism, we must rid our minds of simplistic propaganda, and start to see the radicalization of Islam and the corruption of its sacred religious doctrine as part of a larger brutal oppression made possible by horrific political, social, and economic realities.
02/16/2015 11:28 EST
'Chasing Life' Would Benefit From Some Christoph Hetzmannseder via Getty Images

'Chasing Life' Would Benefit From Some Simplicity

The problem with these exaggerated and overwhelming subplots is that the show would have benefited from purely refined simplicity. I am not saying that the show should narrowly focus on April or that the plotline should be completely centred around her, but if the viewers are going to root for her, we must, at the very least, know what we are rooting for.
06/26/2014 02:10 EDT
Nigeria Must Remain Neutral When It Comes To Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

Nigeria Must Remain Neutral When It Comes To Religion

Freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are rights that are so fundamental to the maintenance of democratic principles of state that it calls for a fervent protection of the rights of atheists and religious persons, alike. The rights of atheists and the rights of religious persons ought not to entail persecution of said persons.
06/23/2014 06:04 EDT
Why I Published The Despicable McMaster Engineering shutterstock

Why I Published The Despicable McMaster Engineering Chants

People have said the most horrible things to me and even though I try to appear calm and composed, I am frustrated and fearful because the anger seems to be escalating. I have been blamed for publishing the chant book. Apparently, every anger and hurt that people feel from reading the chant book from here on out is my fault.
01/25/2014 06:26 EST