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The 20 Best Places To Visit In Canada For `James Wheeler/Flickr

The 20 Best Places To Visit In Canada For 2016

As the nation nears its 150th birthday in 2017, touring through the provinces and territories in a car brings an opportunity for intimate discovery of the nation as well as the chance for Canadians to make a poignant and personal connection with Canada just prior to its landmark anniversary.
01/15/2016 06:13 EST
4 Canadian Hidden Gems You Should Visit This Feffef/Flickr

4 Canadian Hidden Gems You Should Visit This Summer

The falling dollar will encourage a lot of Canadians to travel in their own country this summer. Big-name destinations like the Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls get a lot of attention from visitors to Canada, but there are plenty of other less iconic spots in the country that deserve more love.
05/28/2015 01:04 EDT
5 Awesome Hiking Trails in lzf via Getty Images

5 Awesome Hiking Trails in Canada

Our country possesses one big backyard and some of the best hikes in the world. To get you moving, I've listed some of my favourite hiking trails in Canada, along with a handful that I aspire to trek in the future. Some trails are well-known; others may surprise you. And this is by no means a complete list.
05/12/2015 12:35 EDT
8 Must-See Shows at Canadian Music Week in KGC-138/STAR MAX/IPx

8 Must-See Shows at Canadian Music Week in Toronto

CMW's music component is massive (hundreds of bands and more than 60 venues) but the schedule spans more than a week and more than just music. But the festival also squeezes in award shows, comedy and film festivals, trade shows and a comprehensive lineup of industry conferences.
05/01/2015 05:39 EDT
The Youngest Pilot To Fly The World

The Youngest Pilot To Fly The World Solo

If you've ever thought a dream was too big to achieve or an idea too ridiculous to pursue, look to Matt Guthmiller to inspire you to your highest ambitions. Guthmiller, a sophomore at the Massachusett...
03/23/2015 05:40 EDT
2015 Juno Awards Set To Rock CP

2015 Juno Awards Set To Rock Hamilton

Blue-collar Hamilton is often derided for its lack of beauty and sophistication, but things are changing fast in southern Ontario's Steel City. One reason to host the Junos is to bring awareness of that shift.
03/15/2015 09:02 EDT
Spring Destinations For Every Christophe Schmid via Getty Images

Spring Destinations For Every Skier

Not everyone looks forward to seeing the snow melt. Spring is often the best season to hit the slopes, what with the warmer temperatures and longer sunny days. It's a time of year when a wide range of travellers share Canada's hills and mountains, from students on spring break to families on March Break to couples embracing that frisky energy in the air.
03/10/2015 06:40 EDT
This British Columbia Pizza Costs Steveston Pizza

This British Columbia Pizza Costs $850

SeeNay is a pizza cake covered in tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked Chilean steelhead, Russian caviar and then snowed with Italian white truffles. If the $850 is a bit too steep for you, Hatami also offers several less expensive pizzas you will be tempted to try.
03/05/2015 12:42 EST
Three Reasons to Love the Canadian Auto David Cooper via Getty Images

Three Reasons to Love the Canadian Auto Show

You can see some of the coolest trends in the industry, and there have been many over the years. One of the most important ones that has driven the market is the push for cleaner cars. CIAS is not only an opportunity to get a first look at some of the environmentally friendly advances made by the automotive industry, but also a chance to check out innovative developments.
02/18/2015 12:46 EST
Have A Ladies' Getaway And Meet Molly Alexandra Wyman/Invision/AP

Have A Ladies' Getaway And Meet Molly Ringwald

When you think of a female movie icon from the 1980s, Molly Ringwald should easily come to mind. That is why it is so cool that she will be making a guest appearance at an annual ultimate girls' getaway weekend in Jasper. The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has invited Ringwald to its mid-March '80s-themed PJ Party.
02/18/2015 06:02 EST
Revelstoke Promises A Jolt Of

Revelstoke Promises A Jolt Of Adrenalin

The morning view at the summit of Mount MacKenzie was definitely Instagram material: snow-covered peaks across the way, illuminated by a bluebird sky, with an otherworldly blanket of deep cloud shrouding the lower slopes and the town of Revelstoke below.
02/01/2015 10:22 EST
Stargazing With Chris Hadfield In ASSOCIATED PRESS

Stargazing With Chris Hadfield In Jasper

When Chris Hadfield first visited Jasper, there was a twinkle in his eye but it had nothing to do with the stars. Hadfield was focused on raising a family -- thoughts of heaven secondary to his terrestrial responsibilities. "My wife and I first came to Jasper 29 years ago," recalls Hadfield, Canada's most famous astronaut. "We were here when our son was one-year-old and she was pregnant with our second child."
01/09/2015 05:27 EST
Ron James Takes On Canada And The

Ron James Takes On Canada And The World

Ron James may not be a towering figure in height but when it comes to comedic talent and astute observations on people and society very few can touch him. His comedy, whether live on stage or on his e...
01/02/2015 04:43 EST
A Christmas Gift Ties Halifax And

A Christmas Gift Ties Halifax And Boston

A frantic call came in that a ship was aflame in Halifax Harbour. Firefighter Billy Wells didn't hesitate. He suited up and jumped into the driver's seat and within minutes he, along with nine other f...
01/02/2015 02:45 EST