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Why the Grey Cup Matters to Canada

Rob Bridges was among the many visitors to Vancouver this week that reminded me why the Grey Cup matters. A proud Hamiltonian, Bridges travelled more than 4,300 kilometres to cheer on his hometown team, despite the fact they were overwhelming underdogs.
12/01/2014 01:15 EST

What to Do on a Weekend In Ottawa

Think Ottawa is a sleepy government town with little to offer other than politicians? Think again. Three friends and I embarked on a weekend road trip to take in the food, entertainment and history that the city and outlying area have to offer. Ottawa did not disappoint.
11/27/2014 01:21 EST

Vancouver Is Gearing Up for a Grey Cup Party

Even though the absence of the home team in the 102nd Grey Cup may disappoint fans in Vancouver, the city's mayor is still upbeat about the CFL championship game that takes place this weekend. It's an event that will entertain residents and visitors alike.
11/27/2014 01:13 EST

The Mackenzie House Is a Spooky Gem

From what I've read about Toronto's first mayor William Lyon Mackenzie he would probably roll his eyes, and then roll in his grave, if he knew his home had become a Halloween destination.
10/31/2014 01:05 EDT
Tom And Steve via Getty Images

Canada's 10 Creepiest Halloween Places

Sure, you might be the type that laughs at scary movies, but do you really think you're brave enough to handle Canada's most haunted destinations and most frightening events? From zombie infestations to haunted hotel rooms, this country is downright creepy as it rolls out a myriad of ghostly chills in time for Halloween, if you dare.
10/27/2014 01:28 EDT
Gaetan Charbonneau via Getty Images

Winnipeg Is Full of Spooky Halloween Secrets

You've probably heard about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights that opened last month in Winnipeg. But did you know the city's Legislative Building is Canada's very own version of the "Da Vinci Code" -- a real-life pagan temple with deities disguised as gargoyles, guardian beasts warding off evil and an altar for sacrificial rites? And you thought politics was boring!
10/27/2014 01:02 EDT
Ron Bambridge via Getty Images

Why You'll Fall For Golden, B.C.

Trekking eight hours up a steep mountain trail to reach a famous field of "stone bugs." Not your average hike. But nor is the destination. Containing arguably the most important fossils ever discovered, the Burgess Shale field, located near the top of Mount Stephen in Yoho National Park, was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1981.
09/11/2014 05:12 EDT
Getty Images

PGA Champions Tour A Hit In Quebec City

There is a chill in the air and the ground is wet from all the rain we've just had. There's no one else on the golf course except for the odd deer I see in the forests that line the fairways of La Tempete Golf Club in Lévis, near Quebec City.
09/02/2014 12:15 EDT

The Corner Gas Movie Loves That Saskatchewan Life

It's the second-to-last day of shooting of the highly anticipated movie, Corner Gas. I am ushered into a darkly lit room called the video village to sit and wait out the filming of a scene before I can interview Brent Butt, creator and star of the Corner Gas TV series that is phenomenally popular in Canada.
08/28/2014 04:53 EDT

A Tribe Called Red Brings The Noise

A Tribe Called Red was also the first all-electronic act to perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. And they are one of a group of emerging aboriginal thought leaders who are building what Campeau calls a "civil rights movement" for their minority community.
07/10/2014 12:08 EDT

In Search Of Sasquatch Near Vancouver

oday, Harrison has it own small band of full-time Sasquatch seekers -- their company is Sasquatch Country Adventures. I met with them in Sasquatch Provincial Park, where we set off on an all-terrain vehicle for an adventure in the mountains, where we were intent on finding the elusive wonder and to catch sight of some stunning views.
07/09/2014 12:02 EDT

Small-Town Alberta Theatre Is A Big Deal

As I watched Rosebud Theatre's brilliant performance of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" on stage for the first time, I began to quickly see why so many people from Alberta make the trip to Rosebud, located 35 kilometres southwest of Drumheller (a 25-minute drive) and 100 km (one-hour drive) northeast of the Calgary airport.
07/09/2014 05:09 EDT

A Canada Day Tour Of The Nation

Canada celebrates its 147th birthday on July 1 and has team members in the nation's four largest metropolitan areas. Here's what's happening on Canada Day in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.
07/01/2014 01:26 EDT

The Top Shakespeare Festivals in Canada

On April 23, 1564 -- 450 years ago today -- the Bard was born. He was brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon, a small town in Great Britain that will always be known as his home. But each summer all the world becomes Shakespeare's stage -- including communities across the pond from his realm, England. Here's a look at's Top 5 Shakespeare Festivals in Canada.
04/23/2014 02:04 EDT
AFP via Getty Images

Why I Won't Be Travelling To Russia

Perhaps if this had been a one-time occurrence it would be easier to digest, but the fact is Russian president Vladimir Putin has a shameful record when it comes to just about everything. He has never hesitated to put political rivals behind bars, even going as far as jailing the protest band Pussy Riot.
03/22/2014 11:08 EDT

Montreal Showcases Its Best

We all know Montreal as a city of festivals. The best known of those celebrations, however, are focused on a particular type of experience, such as food, art, or music. But for the tourist who wants a taste of it all, Montréal en Lumière is a particularly great treat.
03/21/2014 05:27 EDT

Would You Hurl Down Sheets of Ice at 125 Km/H?

Our guide says we should hold on tight and puff ourselves up like the Incredible Hulk. The more we expand, the less likely we are to fall out. Some of us, though, emulate the Hulk by turning green from the thought of a nauseating ride. Welcome to the Whistler Sliding Centre.
02/13/2014 05:07 EST
Getty Images

Best Places to Travel in Canada: 2014

In 2017, the nation marks its 150th birthday. The celebratory mood spikes this Canada Day, when the sesquicentenary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference turns the Prince Edward Island capital into a summer party zone that will be on the itinerary of thousands of travellers. Thanks to the festive atmosphere, Charlottetown tops the list of the 20 Best Places to Travel in Canada in 2014.
01/03/2014 05:32 EST