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Valentina Jovanovski

Freelance Writer

Valentina Jovanovski is a freelance writer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Before coming to eastern Europe where she is now based, she spent two years living in London, UK. She worked as a freelance writer for the Mail Online, contributing to the site's news and travel desks, and her work has also appeared in other publications. Prior to completing her journalism training in the UK, Valentina earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto and master's at Carleton University in Canada. She has travelled throughout North America, Europe and Ghana.
What WiFi Is Doing to Backpacker

What WiFi Is Doing to Backpacker Culture

Sitting in the lounge of a hostel in Munich, I looked around and noticed most people were consumed, not by interesting conversations with other worldly people, but by their electronic devices. With wifi now a staple in most accommodations, backpackers no longer need to rely on other travellers for advice and directions -- Googlemaps and TripAdvisor can take care of that.
11/30/2012 07:41 EST