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Valerie Keefe

Writer, activist, candidate, unpaid political consultant, service-sector prole, and general nuisance

Educated at Grant MacEwan University and the University of Alberta in economics and political science, Valerie Keefe, named [something else] at birth (but that didn't really fit her in retrospect, so it would be impolitic to mention it now), has been a frequent activist, candidate, unpaid political consultant, service-sector prole and general nuisance in the Edmonton area. A lifelong holder of minority opinions, Valerie is here to document her transition... from person who angrily comments on Internet discussion sites to someone who writes articles on Internet discussion sites upon which she hopes people will angrily comment.

Her writing focuses primarily on economics, trans rights, shiny objects and patiently explaining to people that being left-wing and conservative can be complimentary, if you know how to do it.

Danielle Smith and the Trouble with Trans Medicine in Alberta

Danielle Smith came out against Alberta Health Insurance funding genital reconstruction surgery. She said it was because she didn't want vital resources spent on elective medicine when there was important care to be paid for. But currently, a trans person expressing a need for hormone replacement therapy, has a very long -- and difficult -- road ahead of them.
06/26/2012 04:59 EDT

A Woman's Right To Choose Must Apply To All Women

Much of the Canadian feminist movement as one can reasonably refer to en masse have been as milquetoast on the right of trans women to access transition medicine on demand as one could imagine.
06/14/2012 05:08 EDT

Yes, Our Democracy Really Is in Peril

We've lost a professional political class that put respect for the institutions above tactical political advantage. We've lost an understanding that our public servants are individually elected trustees rather than cynical voting-machine-delegates of a party or a constituency. And we've lost a public that expects better of its elected representatives, or for that matter, can articulate their disappointment, beyond cynical canards about the corruption of politicians.
12/19/2011 12:03 EST