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Valerie Stachurski

Toronto Blogger,

Valerie Stachurski runs a Toronto-based blog called I’m Charming You, a personal site dealing with life in the city, social commentary, entertainment and style.

Applying her social media and writing skills, Valerie works as an online content manager for marketing company, Lucreative Media.

With no claims to being a diehard fashionista, she has been noted for her personal style amongst her blog readers. Follow her on Twitter at ValTorontoGal.
Madonna Is No PA

Madonna Is No Goddess

While many seemed to agree that Madonna's alleged behavior at TIFF was completely out of line, there were also people who responded by saying that they wouldn't expect anything less. "It's Madonna, she's a GODDESS" one even said. Well, no, no she isn't. She is a pop star.
09/16/2011 10:17 EDT