Valerie Sagun

Installation artist, ceramicist, and yogi.

I have finished my degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spatial Arts. Now I am currently saving up for yoga teacher training for the beginning of next year.
I Don't Have to Lose Weight to Be a

I Don't Have to Lose Weight to Be a Yogi

Yoga has taught me to own up to myself and who I am now. Not who I was or who I could be. I never shamed my body or hated it, but I'm glad to be at a happy relationship with it. I look at my big chubby body and am happy and content with it. I feel it is important to see bigger bodied people out there. When I first started yoga, it was very rare and uncommon to see bigger yogis practicing yoga. Now I am so ecstatic that there so many people who are trying yoga for themselves.
06/27/2015 08:24 EDT