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Vanessa Routley

Vanessa Routley is a lawyer practicing immigration law with a focus on investment-based migration

Vanessa Routley, B.A., J.D., practices immigration law with a focus on investment-based migration, and Provincial Nomination Entrepreneur programs.

In 2011 she established The Law Office Of Vanessa Routley, based in Toronto Canada, with a branch office in Cairo, Egypt, to assist high-net-worth families immigrate to Canada and start a business.

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Why Investor Immigrants Are Choosing Canada Over U.S.

The price of a U.S. Green Card held steady for the past 27 years at $500,000 USD, under an investment immigration program known as EB-5. That will almost certainly change this year, when the U.S. Congress votes on raising the investor's Green Card minimum to $1.3 million. So what is a millionaire to do when the U.S. tells them to take their money elsewhere?
02/20/2017 07:34 EST
Dean Belcher via Getty Images

An Apology to the Foreign Workers Who Serve Us Fast Food

Canada's temporary foreign worker policy is at odds with Canadian values, and frankly, this is getting a bit awkward. If you're like me, you're beginning to want to apologize to the people who serve us fast food. And maybe we should apologize, though it's not our fault. If I could send a message to the Minister of Immigration I would tell him to be more pragmatic about the foreign worker problem. Not only is this easy to fix, it's imperative. It can make you look good, it's good for Canada, and you can turn this problem into a lot of new Canadian voters who'll love you.
05/04/2014 10:13 EDT

Careful Students, Your Summer Job Pool Just Got Smaller

While you were hard at work last semester studying and preparing for exams, the Government of Canada was busy, aggressively trying to attract foreign youth to Canada to work this summer. In the next two months a small army of ambitious youth from all the world will arrive in our airports. They will be issued an open work permit, and they will immediately begin to apply for the jobs you may have wanted this summer.
04/24/2014 05:49 EDT