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Vedavati M.

A stay-at-home-mom blogging about the rhapsodical misadventures of the parenting kind. No filters. No untruths. Just the realness of it all.

Vedavati M., a.k.a. The Cultural Misfit, is a stay-at-home-mom who revels in her various avatars (chef, mentor, friend, playmate, arts and crafts buddy, puppeteer, milk machine, comforter, and more) for her toddler. Her secondary pursuits include writing and exploring new experiences. Somewhere in the mix, she remembers to be a wife. You can follow her travails at
What Do You Do When Your Baby's No Longer A rajesh bhand via Getty Images

What Do You Do When Your Baby's No Longer A Baby?

I've experienced different kinds of neediness in my life: My professional contacts have reminded me since you were 6 months old how badly I'm wanted back at work. Your father has patiently waited for me to become a friend and a wife to him again. Your grandparents have always missed spending time with their only child. But nothing like this.
05/11/2016 03:58 EDT
When Parenting Took Over Our Tom Grill via Getty Images

When Parenting Took Over Our Marriage

We were co-parents living under the same roof. The hand-holding, affectionate, gregarious couple was a distant memory. Conversations were few and far between. When we talked, it was only about the baby. By the time she was a year old, we had stopped talking to each other directly.
04/26/2016 01:37 EDT
Parents Are Just As Selfish As Child-Free CaiaImage via Getty Images

Parents Are Just As Selfish As Child-Free Couples

It's daunting to be responsible for another life. But it's also selfish... to pass on one's DNA. To have someone who looks up to you. To feel the pride and joy that comes with the pain and tears. Some say that parenthood is the most selfless of "loves" one experiences in one's life. In our case, it wasn't selflessness that drove us to the decision. We chose parenthood because we wanted something out of it.
04/15/2016 11:56 EDT