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Vernon White


Vernon White was involved in policing for thirty two years, leaving Ottawa as the Chief of Police in 2012. He presently is a sitting Senator as well as being a fellow with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and a professor with Charles Sturt University. <br> <br> He has an undergraduate degree from Acadia University, a Masters Degree from Royal Roads University a Doctorate from the Australian Graduate School of Policing. <br> .
The Fight Against Radicalization Begins With

The Fight Against Radicalization Begins With Disengagement

De-radicalization is really about a process moving toward disengagement. Academic research supports that changing what is in someone's head is difficult and may be impossible, as it isn't something we can "see, feel, taste" -- but their actions are. Disengagement means the bias present within the individual is something they have moved away from, and that should be our goal.
03/22/2016 12:05 EDT
Police Handling Mental Health Calls Need Medically Trained

Police Handling Mental Health Calls Need Medically Trained Backup

They care enough to attend these extremely difficult calls with the hope of helping someone in dire need of medical help and, in my experience, police have become some of our community's most caring frontline mental health workers. The problem is that they are not frontline mental health workers, nor should the be.
01/25/2016 10:18 EST
Innovative Strategies To Tackle Drug Addiction Should Target

Innovative Strategies To Tackle Drug Addiction Should Target Youth

I think a strategic approach to harm minimization needs to be the primary focus of a drug strategy in Canada. Not the typical harm minimization strategy, but rather one that focuses on building an innovative and integrated response that recognizes that the solution to addiction is as much or more about early intervention and combating the addiction directly. It is necessary to engage partners and service providers within the youth community if we hope to develop an innovative, enhanced education and prevention program targeted at youth in schools.
01/07/2016 05:30 EST
Refugees, In A

Refugees, In A Word

The appropriate clearances in the source countries by international and our own government officials and a continued vigilance throughout the process of identifying refugees to become our next residents is important to ensure success and assure our residents. Because of the systems in place and the prioritization of specific groups within the pool, the risk of a terrorist coming into this country is very low. It may be different in some European countries where hundreds of thousands are streaming into the country, often meaning that the level of screening presently done for our country is unlikely to occur.
12/18/2015 11:31 EST