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Vibha Dhawan

Lifestyle Writer

Vibha Dhawan splits her time between being an engineer and travel fanatic as she hops through the world, one city at a time. Connect with her through her blog <a href="" rel="nofollow">Curious Lounge</a> or via Twitter <a href="" rel="nofollow">@LostInHeels.</a>
A Blank

A Blank Canvas

Terrifying to the blocked artist while full of possibilities to the creative mind, what emotion does a blank canvas bring within you?
01/30/2017 04:58 EST
Anger Isn't All

Anger Isn't All Bad

Anger is a daunting emotion, a sentiment that we try to evade or even conceal till our wit allows us to. It's interesting to see how we are repulsed by anger; even an association with it is dreaded. Though it makes me wonder, isn't it just another emotion, a feeling without which we would be incomplete?
07/27/2013 08:29 EDT
Three Ways to Feel

Three Ways to Feel Freedom

When was the last time you ran in an open field with your arms wide open? When did you last embrace the world like it was all yours? Is day dreaming something you are still guilty about? The question is, in this so called free world, are you really free? Free from your own shackles or have you managed to entangle yourself to such a great extent that you feel trapped within?
07/03/2013 12:24 EDT
What Is 'Perfection'

What Is 'Perfection' Anyway?

Perfection cannot be defined by a size zero body type or a six figure bank statement. Instead, perfection is a state of mind which simply needs to be realized and can only be achieved when one is in harmony with themselves and the universe around them.
06/20/2013 05:17 EDT