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Victor Choi

Policy advisor in the previous federal government.

Victor served as a policy advisor in the previous federal government.

Multicultural Communities Are Transforming Canadian Politics

We are transitioning to a new era. A new era in which multicultural communities are what Quebec used to represent to Canada as a whole in terms of influence. They are increasingly the bloc of voters that all political parties constantly think about to placate and please, with good reason.
06/08/2016 01:15 EDT

Why Trudeau Should Commit To Passing This Victims' Rights Bill

Just as the Conservative government committed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should commit to passing the Victims Rights in the Military Justice System Act as soon as Parliament resumes. There is no reason not to do so. Equality before the law is good, common-sense policy, and supporting our troops is always the right thing to do morally and politically.
11/10/2015 05:01 EST