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Victor Ho

Editor-In-Chief of Sing Tao Daily, B.C. Edition

Victor Ho is currently editor-in-chief of Sing Tao Daily, B.C. edition. He also worked for several news organizations across Canada and Hong Kong. He has taught journalism and mass media courses for The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Baptist University of Hong Kong in the 1990s.
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B.C. Chinese Head Tax Apology Fails To Prevent Future Discrimination

B.C.'s past legislated discrimination of "non-mainstream" aliens extended to far more than the Chinese, but also to Indo-Canadians and Japanese-Canadians. So why it is today the provincial government only wants to say sorry to the Chinese? Why is it focusing on advertising the apology among the Chinese, and lacking the courage to extend that effort to the entire province? By doing so, B.C. has failed to translate this apology as a political agenda for all citizens.
05/15/2014 01:22 EDT