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Victoria Sinclair

Senior Anchor, Naked News

Victoria Sinclair is the original Naked News anchor, and was instrumental in the program's development over the years. As the first on-camera talent to join the show, and Senior Anchor for over 12 years, Victoria’s keen intellect - combined with her unparalleled grace and elegance - have earned her the respect and adoration of Naked News fans and staff alike. When not in the studio, Victoria lives on a country waterfront and spends most of her time outdoors, playing bocce ball and badminton, and hanging out with her neighbours. She is also working diligently towards good stewardship of her environment, and to protect her spring-fed lake and all its local wildlife.
Uncovering Naked Getty

Uncovering Naked News

Naked News was an impish poke at what had become a slightly stuffy industry. But over time, audience desires and expectations changed. While the show still enjoys a loyal core following, there is a struggle to reinvent ourselves and stay relevant.
09/26/2013 04:01 EDT